September 2020


Movies I have seen…

Since November I’ve been to the movies four times – something close to a record for me. Normally I would tell you about the movies immediately, but I’ve been lazy, so you’re getting four updates for the price of one. This will save you from having to read my complaints about movie theaters (too many commercials shown for the price I’m paying) more than once.

Probably the best movie I’ve seen of late was “Ich fühl mich Disco” – a cute German film about an overweight kid and his Dad – and his Dad reacting to the news that his son is gay. Adding to the charm of the movie is the fact that it is set in Berlin – mostly eastern portions, so not the parts that I am especially familiar with, but still Berlin.

Then, whilst in Amsterdam, I saw The Butler – I’m under the impression that the movie has been well received, but, as far as I am concerned, the casting was terrible. Not one of the actors looked anything like the presidents they were portraying. The only actress who looked like the character they were playing was Jane Fonda, who played Nancy Reagan. The underlying embellishment of what was supposed to be a movie based on a true story took it down some interesting paths, exploring race relations in the United States. That said, The Help was a far better movie (and book) on this subject.

The worst movie – one for which I wish I could get my THREE hours back – was The Wolf of Wall Street. There was nothing of remote interest in this movie — the constant F-bombs, the naked girls and orgies, as well as the absurd drug use turned me off. The excessive length only made it worse.

Finally, I saw Anchorman 2 – never having seen Anchorman. What a fantastic satire of American television and how American television has evolved since the 1970s. The jabs at the television industry and its corporate owners were spot on and funny. It has actually made me want to see the original.

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