August 2021


Dinner: 5,000₩ / 3.45€ / US$4.75

I want to tell you everything about my trip to Seoul – lots to tell, but I haven’t had time and, to be honest, the internet connection at my hotel (in one of the world’s most well connected countries) is a bit dodgy.

So you must wait.

However I wanted to share picture of my 5,000₩ / 3.45€ / US$4.75 dinner. I was going to go hunting for a fancy restaurant, but instead I stumbled into the nearby Namdaemun Market, then, looking inside a random hole in the wall, I saw this:

Road Food in Seoul

I found this randomly — I was walking through the Namdaemun Market, looked to the left, saw a hallway and saw people eating — so I went on in.

So I went in and picked an inviting counter – talk about a marketing intensive situation – I ordered something – I said noodles – and got some kind of default meal, starting with cold noodles as well as kimchi and some other green vegetable.

Side dishes.

This was my first course — and I might note metal chopsticks are trickier than wooden chopsticks.

A few minutes later the hot portion of the meal arrived – an amazingly awesome dish of noodles in a hearty broth and other vegetables.

Main Course

A few minutes later, my main course was presented to me. It tasted awesome!

At this point I didn’t actually know how much I was going to pay – I was hoping for the best. I saw a man sitting next to me pay 6,000₩ for his meal. Once I was done, the woman used some of her limited English: 5,000₩.

What an amazing bargain.

A perfect ending to a day that included the DMZ.

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