August 2021


Wandertag 2006!

Tropfsteine in den Feengrotten
Today was this year’s Wandertag.

Wandertag is a school and corporate tradition in Germany where armies of coworkers are encouraged to go out and have fun on a hike!

This year’s Wandertag was a trip to Saalfeld, a city located in southern Thüringia. After our early start and early arrival, a local guide took us on a two hour guided hike of Saalfeld and its surroundings—which was (a) given in German; (b) was rather soft-spoken and hard to hear unless you were right next to him; and (c) not really that well done. Apparently I didn’t miss much once I stopped trying to be within ear shot.

Once we were ditched by the tour-guide, we headed for Saalfeld’s most famous attraction, the Feengrotten, or “Fairy Grottos.” The Fairy Grottos are a series of underground caves with incredibly beautiful formations. The beauty was enhanced by the reflective pools in several places.

There are 8 pictures of the Feengrotten on my Saalfeld Set at Flickr, as well as a few other assorted pictures of Saalfeld and the surrounding country-side.

And as an aside: Skip the restaurant at the Feengrotten. The food is only adequate and the service, in particular bringing us the bill, was incredibly slow. So slow that when half the group was late to the tour because the staff was ignoring us, our (obviously annoyed) tour-guide went in and helped speed things along.

5 comments to Wandertag 2006!

  • Wow, this reminds me of the summer I spent as a tour guide in a cave. That was the most fun I ever had on a job.

  • Hi Adam,

    I came via the comment whore.
    I really like your blog.
    Combination of Germany and Caves, my two favourite things.

    I have been to many caves in North America. My favorite is in Sweetwater Tennessee. It is called the Lost Sea.

    I didnt even know those caves existed in Germany. I am not perceptive enough. All I was preoccupied with is a chance to have a sleep over in the haunted catacombes of the Lorelei.

  • jen

    that picture is beautiful! the only caves i’ve seen were at marengo, and they were very pretty.

    ps- wouldn’t that be an awesome tradition for ‘merica to adopt…to go hiking instead of watching nascar?

  • I think that team building activities some how reflect the culture of the community and region.

    Jerry had an office excusion day as well on Tuesday, except he came away bruised.

  • mateo

    I think everyone needs to go watch the movie “Descent”, after which, none of you will ever want to go in a cave again!!! And I say this as a former spelunker, though from your pix, Adam, it looks like a lovely cave to visit!!!