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Monday, April 20, 2015, has rocked! From the beaches of Samoa…

Taufua Beach Fales: Sunset

My sunset for Monday, April 20th.

Since Friday evening, I’ve been off the grid, enjoying myself at the Taufua Beach Fales located in Samoa.

Taufua Beach Fales: Morning!

Morning at the Taufua Beach Fales.

Now that it’s evening – Tuesday fast approaching with its onward travel – I want to post a few photos – and remark upon the fact that my time at Taufua Beach Fales has been way too short.

To Sua Trench

The To Sua Trench, a large hole — it’s salt water at the bottom, fed by tidal action through an under ground cave.

I’ve had three full days here: Saturday I took a tour of the island with several other people (two Germans and a Sri Lanken – all of us living in Europe), seeing waterfalls, caves, a bit of the main city, plus the countryside.

Sopo'aga Falls

The Sopo’aga Falls, as seen from a nearby outlook.

This island is impossibly beautiful – they refer to themselves at the pearl of the Pacific, and I wouldn’t disagree: the lush green scenery, the amazing shades of blue in the water, the sand that agreeably squeezes between my toes.

Really – this is paradise.

Taufua Beach Fales: Fale 2

My home at the Taufua Beach Fales since Saturday (I slept in a different one Friday)…

The Taufua Beach Fales, to add the whipped cream, is a bargain: I’ve paid about US$260 for four nights for a fale that, in addition to coming with both breakfast and dinner, comes with its own toilet and shower. I imagine that the open fales, and those without toilets, cost a bit less, but still include breakfast and dinner.

Fiafia Night

The Saturday Fiafia Night included local dancers performing.

In addition, Saturday night a show is put on, complete with traditional local dancing – and Sunday lunch is also included. The food is plentiful and, generally, delicious.

Fiafia Night

More of the the Saturday Fiafia Night.

Fiafia Night: Fire Dance

Fire Dance at the Fiafia night — the performers were quite young and dropped their torches several times.

The sightlines down the beaches, left and right, morning, noon, and evening, are beautiful. The ocean has some strong currents that make wading and swimming a fun challenge.

And, of course, one can just sit and do nothing – an activity I also engaged in.

I arrived with the thought of finding postcards and stamps – and in the end the number I have written amounts to zero.

Returning to Samoa seems like a given. The question is when.

Nu'utele Island

Another morning in paradise.

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