December 2022


Jena Nightlife 2

Friday night I went out in Jena and had a fantastic time. I think because I haven’t been doing a lot of drinking at home of late, my tolerance for booze has been substantially weakened. I was only about half way through my Long Island Ice Tea at Hemingway’s when I started having that pleasant light headed feeling. I was out with a large group of academics and students talking to my old friend Judith, of the Netherlands, and new friends. There were people from Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, and the Ukraine, at a minimum. A number of people had ventured inside to watch the football (soccer) game on the huge screen whilst the rest of us stayed outside at first enjoying the warm evening until it turned too cold to really enjoy.

I made a point of walking from MPI to downtown Jena, and ultimately back, rather than hitching a ride, so that I can start getting familiar with the area. Although I am going to get a German driver’s license, I am not planning on driving very often. Certainly the idea of owning a car is not very appealing-first because of the cost of buying a car, and second because I don’t really want to try and navigate the landmine bureaucracy that probably comes with owning a car.

I went back to the guest house and went to bed around 1:00, in plenty of time for the 7:15 alarm that was awaiting me.

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