April 2021


Random Tuesday Today Thoughts

I know that Snooker in Berlin participates in the weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts—and to be different, I’m doing it on Wednesday—but only because I have a crap load of thoughts to get out. I could try and break down the thoughts into more complete individual blog posts, but none of these thoughts really deserve that […]

Sprite Anybody? (NSFW)

Zack Johnson

For More: Zack16.com | Guardian Article Re: Zack


Unlike the United States where the only organization legally allowed to put stuff in your mail box is the United States Postal Service, here in Germany there are multiple postal services and your letter box is constantly being filled with “Werbung”—which translates as advertising, courting, publicity, promotion, or propaganda.

One can get stickers for your […]

Life’s Better Here

My last years living in Colorado and Wyoming, US West, the local Baby Bell, had a series of ads featuring the slogan, “Life’s Better Here”. I really liked the ads—there was something really ephemeral and wonderful about them.

After moving to Indiana, I quickly learned that despite all the gripes about US West’s quality of […]

At A Gay Bar

Message Seen After Bottom's Up

Republican Sleeze

After seeing the ad below, I’m not sure I can ever vote for a Republican again. I can’t believe how badly the brand is damaged from George W. Bush, Palin, and now this? Unbelievable.

Money I can make…

Hi Adam,

I am interested in permanent placement of one paragraph each on the pages listed below:

https://www.elmada.com/?p=1859 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1359 https://www.elmada.com/?p=887 https://www.elmada.com/?p=46 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1107 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1579

I can offer you one time upfront payment of US$60($10 per placement).

About the paragraph: Paragraph placement will be for lifetime of the website for one-time payment. Paragraph will be 70-110 words […]

Eve in the Garden of Eden

Plus, if an insurance ad wasn’t enough, check out the beer ad:

Insurance from a colleague; beer from the Mangina Monologues


From the Netherlands

Possibly NSFW advertisement.