March 2021


Craigslist Find

Potentially NSFW content.

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From: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Wenn ihr mögt kommt doch vorbei. Würden uns trotz faulheitsfall sehr darüber freuen hihi. Kommt gern mit auf unsere couch 🙂

To: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Haben Sie SMS die richtige Handy?

From: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Sorry es war wiklich dei falsche nummber. […]

Vegetarian… what?

I was at my local REWE doing shopping, looking at everything on the shelf, when I encountered one of those odd ball items that makes no sense to me.

It was in the Italian section, in REWE Bio packaging. REWE Bio is a store brand designed to get German consumer attention and affection: It appeals […]

Wine for people like me!

"Honey, what are we eating tonight…"

Lyin’ Lonely Planet

Sometimes living in Weimar gets a bit too Goethe.

There’s the Goethe Haus, the Goethe Garden Haus, the statue of Goethe, the library with Goethe’s manuscripts, the cemetery housing Goethe, Goetheplatz, the Goethe Café, and, for the inner-wanderer, the Goethewanderweg. It’s probably a lot like Stratford-upon-Avon, except that I’ve never actually read Goethe and I […]

Eve in the Garden of Eden

Plus, if an insurance ad wasn’t enough, check out the beer ad:

Insurance from a colleague; beer from the Mangina Monologues


Teachable Moment

In my educational career I’ve taken several seminar and classes on how to teach.

Personally I never had any doubt about my abilities to teach, but I can remember in many of these seminars that graduate students, both new and old, would ask questions that indicated that the thing they feared most was the prospect […]


Redundant Repetition

Not too long ago there was an airline in Portugal—it’s name was “TAP Air Portugal”—a name which begged the question, “what does TAP stand for?” Something like, as it turns out, Transportes Aéreos Portugueses – so TAP Air Portugal was really Transport Air Portugal Air Portugal. Now that it’s TAP Portugal, its less bad—just somebody […]

Self Help!

The photo below the fold might be considered NSFW in America. However I did take the photo on the streets of Rotterdam where it is in full view of everybody, including kids.