July 2020


Whatchamacallit 102: Armenian Alphabet Tapestry

My vacation to Armenia in 2006 was, for me, transformative in many ways.

It was not an easy vacation – I did not (and still do not) speak Armenian or Russian. I also could not read the signs – the Armenian alphabet is unique and hard to puzzle out.

While there, I picked up […]

Email from a “professional” translating firm…

View from Yerevan

Over the weekend I received a request from a professional translation agency to use one of my photos out of my Flickr stream on their new website.

Unfortunately my initial thought was that the professional translating firm should work on improving their English before they work on their website. I wouldn’t […]


I suppose that most of you probably are not following the latest news from Armenia, but I have been.

After the recent election, which many claim to have been rigged, protests in the streets have turned violent—and when I saw a report that 8 people had died as a result, I was worried.

I am […]

Photo Friday: Unfinished

Celebrating 50 years of Soviet Armenia was left unfinished; one day it will be an art museum.

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6,500 AMD (14,44€)

Last Saturday, my Armenian Host and I took a day trip from his home town of Vanadzor to Gyumri.

Our adventure cost us 6,500 Armenia Dram, which is the equivalent of 14,21€/19.27USD. Broken down, we paid 200 Dram to get from his flat to the city center; 1,000 Dram to take the bus from Vanadzor […]

Old School Zoo

My last afternoon in Armenia, I headed to the zoo with my host. It was a last minute choice, and something left out of the Lonely Planet guide—and what a shame.

The zoo is clearly old school—how I imagine an American zoo looked in the 1950s: too small cages, and plenty of opportunity for human-animal […]

In Armenia

I made it.

Thursday morning at 3:30 my flight touched down and I sped right through immigration and customs into the (relatively) cool night air of Yerevan.

The trip to Yerevan was marred with two separate, but stupid, incidents; since arrival, everything’s been swell!

First, at the Weimar train station, I stopped into the bakery, […]


I’m playing the 24 Hour Game right now.

In exactly 24 hours from now, I will be waiting in an airport terminal, waiting for my connecting flight to board so that I can be on my way to Armenia, for the second time.

This is going to be a short trip: five nights away from […]

Photo Friday: Busy

Busy making Armenia’s streets better.

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Gulbenkian Museums

Sunday, my last day in Lisbon, I got lucky.

Oddly enough, despite having been to Lisbon twice, I have not yet purchased the Lonely Planet Guide to Portugal—so when it comes to leisure activities in Lisbon, I am exceptionally clueless. I have only my friends and my gay guide to the planet to help me.