August 2022


Credit, Where Due

I have to give the VR Bank Weimar eG credit—they’ve got chutzpah.

Just over a week after I discovered that they had cut my credit limit to 500€ a month because their payment cycle happened too fast for one of my reimbursements and I, briefly, had a negative balance, they sent me a letter SHOUTING […]

Inside Lisbon

Looking for hot tips about Lisbon?

Look further, ‘cause I can only tell you about the office I was in yesterday—from about 8:30 until 5 or so. I was busy working.

During my off hours, I’ve been busy sleeping. My last few days in Weimar left me exhausted, and I ended up going to bed […]

Miserable Dienstleistung von VR Bank Weimar

Today I finally got my new Mastercard.

It only took four weeks after they promised me a new one in two weeks.

It’s good to be in the plastic again, and tomorrow I’m going to Leipzig to go dancing! It’s time to celebrate, even though in a week I’ll be in Berlin: dancing, partying, and […]

Travel Plannin’

The Miserable Dienstleistung of my German Bank has forced my hand on a number of fronts—like curbing my wanderlust this weekend.

I now know that it takes only 3 weeks before my urge to go kicks in and I want to go, but thanks to the Miserable Dienstleistung, I’ve had to use my American card […]

Inner-American Struggle

I’m an American, so when I deal with “Things German”, I try to tread lightly because I don’t know if I have unreasonable American expectations, am a whiney jerk, or completely clueless.

So far I’ve been remarkably restrained when it comes to the farce that is my bank and its credit card problems.

Two weeks […]

The Replacement(s)

Here’s a place where American banking services are better: credit cards.

It was on 11 January that my bank, the VR Bank Weimar eG, sent me the letter informing me that my credit card details were stolen and that my card would be frozen, that I should destroy my old card, and that a new […]

Credit Card Update

I visited the bank today, and it seems that it wasn’t just my credit card information that was stolen, but rather a database was stolen that contained the credit card information for a number of my bank’s customers.

Had they included that information in the letter, I wouldn’t have panicked.

My new card should be […]

Bank Paranoia

One of the great features of the Internet Age is online banking—only its getting more complicated and less convenient than ever, especially with my bank here in Germany.

And it’s doubly complicated, all at once.

First my bank decided that my credit card had been hacked and, without warning, decided it could not be used […]

Coins in a…

What a great couple of days!

Certainly it was not great weather-wise yesterday: it was cold and rainy with wind gusts most of the day; making staying home seem like a really wise choice. However late yesterday afternoon I dragged myself out and forced myself to wander down to the Weimar Office where I enjoyed […]

Checking Checks or Cheques

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed is a check that I mailed to the IU Credit Union to be deposited to my savings account.

Unfortunately, it was rejected by one of your agents as being a “Foreign item valued below the $100 USD minimum amount.”

Apparently your teller looked at the return address at the […]