December 2022


At A Gay Bar

Message Seen After Bottom's Up

Inadequate Feeling

Wednesday night it was late and I was having a post-dinner drink with Monsieur Namur.

We were at a very nice French restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, located a few short steps from my hotel. Over the course of the evening I’d started with three pre-dinner white beers, followed by two glasses of […]

Noch ein, bitte?

Gay Berlin is amazing.

Like any reasonable first world major city, Berlin has a vivid and vibrant gay scene that is all inclusive and diverse. If you like twinks, there are lots of twink bars; if you like Turks, there’s Gayhane night once a month at SO36; and if you like punishment, well, there’s a […]

Ain’t Germany

I was just looking at the Indy Indians team website–and the promotions for the Friday, June 8th home game at Victory Field:

Boy Scouts across Indiana participate in a post-game sleepover on the field. Sponsored by Coors Light & U.S. Army

Coors Light?

Now while this doesn’t personally offend me, one has to wonder what […]

All’s Right With the World

I spent today in motion of sorts—I went to the office first thing because I wasn’t able to finish a task yesterday, then I immediately turned around and came home. Once in Weimar, a friend and I went to a drink store where I bought two cases of Hefeweizen and two cases of water.

After […]

Zwiebelmarkt Excitement!

This upcoming weekend is the 353rd Annual Zwiebelmarkt here in Weimar.

Yes, the annual event where an insane number of people pour into an area that is quite small. I do not have official figures, but I would guess that over the course of the weekend, 30-40,000 people are all downtown drinking beer, eating Onion […]

what was that?! huh?

I was stupid tonight.

I had about twenty minutes to kill, so I stopped in Einstein’s, a bar in Jena, for a beer.

As I walked into the bar, I had just purchased two English language novels and talked to somebody in English on the phone, so when I sat down at the bar, I […]


Today was an interesting day–class, presentation, meeting, and dinner.

Dinner had two beers and I am a bit too tired to write more now. I will post something longer tomorrow.

Gay Leipzig

Friday night I decided to scratch my gay itch—but this time instead of going to gay Berlin, I decided it was feasible to take a late train to Leipzig, enjoy the gay night-life and then take the first train back on Saturday morning.

And it was. I took the 21:50 train from Weimar arriving in […]

‘tis the season… almost

Fall was rather late in arrival, and it has been rather quick in passing.

We went from having a lovely warm fall, to a few breezy and cool days, and off to freezing cold temperatures and the threat of snow tonight. The transition from warm to cold has taken just about a week.

It’s also […]