Whatchamacallit 66: Borat Seksy Moustache

The above Moustache hangs, unopened, on the bulletin board in the kitchen hallway.

I got it while attending the Borat pre-premier showing (or event of some kind) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2006. I would guess, based on my November 1, 2006 blog post, “In Rotterdam,” that I saw it on Tuesday, October 31st, […]

Wünderbar Brüno

First things first: I haven’t read any reviews of Brüno, the film. I have, awhile back, read criticism of Brüno, in general. This means that the specülative things I am aboüt to püt forth are exactly that: specülation.

Second things second: The film is absolütely positively hilarioüs to the point where ones sides coüld start […]

Entertainment Tonight

I was going to head üp to Berlin to see this film, büt it’s playing in Jena in English with German sübtitles. Tonight is the sneak preview – Ich bin dabei!


GayAmerica: Alabama

Via Jesus’ General.