July 2022


Szoborpark and Árpád

Szakasits Árpád

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One of the places that was on my personal, and Mateo’s, priority list for Budapest was Szoborpark.

Szoborpark is one of those places that can only exist in former communist countries, for it is a collection of statues of communist heroes-both Hungarian and Soviet. There are about […]

10.09.05: Hungary Thoughts

One of the more difficult things to capture in writing is the essence of a city and a place. It’s easy to itemize the places I’ve been (Over Chain Bridge, up funicular, all over Castle Hill, down and then up to Liberation Memorial, around citadel, Parliament), but difficult to tell you what makes Budapest different […]

Buda & Pest: Budapest

Written 9 September 2005

My trip has (mostly) improved since leaving Dublin-only two things have gone wrong, nothing worth mentioning, or at least not that I feel like rambling about right now.


Seriously, I’m having a grand time in Budapest. I arrived at 12:30 at Budapest Airport’s Terminal 1-which (re)opened at the beginning of […]

Queer Learning

I was looking through profiles of people living in Budapest on one of the gay chat services, when I stumbled across this line:

For locals, we offer English lessons at very reasonable rates. We are both professional English teachers. We can teach you the words you need for man to man action that you would […]


Today was a planning kind of day.

Originally I’d planned to go for a bike ride, but a hail storm and dark clouds discouraged such a maneuver. Instead I laid down to read a book and was startled when a window that was shut blew open. Apparently it wasn’t shut that tightly-nd another hail storm […]