May 2020


Oh Canada!

Awesome Airport Art

The flight from London to Detroit was, as the pilot promised, 30 minutes from take off to touch down—and with it, my journey home began.

The funniest moment of the day, for me, was my trip through security at the London Airport. The polite and nice security guard appreciated the fact […]

This is…

Gosh, I feel a lot like Edward R. Murrow, looking out above London.

Yes, I am in London—I’ve checked into the Hilton, wandered through town, ate a late lunch at Covent Gardens, and wandered along the Thames River.

Yes, London, Ontario, has Covent Gardens and the Thames.

Positively Brilliant, if you ask me.

Covent […]


The Tour Starts Here!

I really like Canada.

It’s easy to see why people want to live here—heck, I could see myself living in Canada.

Friday I took advantage of the free tour of downtown Toronto offered by the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement District. I forget the name of my tour guide, but she […]

Canadian Sense

I won’t ask my Canadian readers to defend Canada, but I’ve always been under the impression that the country is imminently sensible, filled with diverse, intelligent, and friendly people (save for Quebec).

For me, whenever I hear about insane US policies, I presume that they are not adopted by Canada because Canadian policy makers look […]

Stinky Trip

My trip from Weimar to Rotterdam was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It stunk.

From Weimar to Frankfurt the train was crowded and I was assigned a crappy seat across from a woman who did not smile once the entire trip. In fact, her face wasn’t even neutral. It was in a perpetual frown. […]

Trois questions

More Canada

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Since I asked Nome three questions, she reciprocated and it’s now time for me to answer.

1) Do you remember the first boy you had a crush on? How old were you, and what was he like? (Cuter than the water glass kid at the Sandbar, I […]

Gay Vancouver

Vancouver, without a doubt, exceeded my expectations.

I’d actually been a bit worried after reading their tourist guide because the offerings seemed a bit sparse, but in reality, the guide failed to capture the fact that Vancouver is a dynamic and alive city that appreciates diversity. While I was there I heard not just […]

Photo Friday: Common

Quite common in Canada.

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Both yesterday and today I had to work in the morning, finishing off something that I thought had been killed earlier. After finishing today’s work off, I headed off to meet Nome of The World According to Nome for lunch.

Nome is an incredibly lucky girl—she lives in […]


#10 Hastings

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So I lied. A couple of days ago I said I knew nothing about Vancouver before Jerry and John decided to move out here. In truth, I knew that 21 Jump Street was filmed here.

For those of you who’ve forgotten or are unaware for whatever reason, […]