May 2020



As a part of work, I do my best to maintain relationships with people and organizations relevant to what I do, which brought me to Cheltenham, UK.

By happy coincidence, this trip to Cheltenham has coincided with the 2008 The Times Literature festival—something I was unaware of as I started my search for a hotel. […]

Cheltenham Spa

I am in Cheltenham Spa for a day of meetings—and they’ve gone well. I’ve also managed to get set up with a suave desk and an Internet connection so that I can work.

At the expense of going out, I finally finished the big project—on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—so I emailed it off and […]

London Plans

So whilst I am going to the UK to have several meetings (London, Cheltenham), meetings will not be the only thing I do whilst there.

I fully plan on having fun with a trip to the Tate Modern (and a ride down its famous slides), doing a London Walk, or two, and whatever else can […]

Signal Failure

So the theme of my first two traveling days revolves around trains and transportation.

The first day of the journey was a headache-the first, and really only thing, to go as scheduled and designed was the train at 07:30 from Weimar Berkaer Bahnhof to Weimar Hauptbahnhof, arriving on-time at 07:35.

Unfortunately that was it-and had […]

Business Trip

So, today (Wednesday) I am off on my first business trip since moving to Weimar. I am going to Cheltenham to visit Edward Elgar Publishing. Saturday, weather permitting, will involve a trip to Warwick Castle–a medieval amusement park.

I probably won’t post anything again until Sunday night, unless I get some time logged on somewhere.