September 2021


I’ve gone from ranting about working out to ranting about work.


I’ve been drowning in work for the last two months—but I am happy to report that I have made significant headway on my work queue. I’ve gone from having ten items on it to four—and am feeling a lot less stressed. Of the four items on the queue, one is half done and the […]

This weekend went as planned months ago. Sort of.

A long, long time ago, when I first looked at the March calendar, I knew that this weekend needed to be a weekend alone – a respite from roughly two months of travel and guests.

It was sometime in November when I realized that the period between January 17 and March 17 were going to […]

It’s taken me two and a half months to…

The happiest day, so far, in Berlin was the day that I moved into my apartment.

Since then I’ve made a lot of progress: the bedroom was the first to be finished, then there was a long gap: the handyman came and got a lot of stuff done, but he had to come back to […]

Holy Crap! Guests are coming! I need to clean!

Other than the movers, the handyman, and the (unnecessary) plumber, the only person to have set foot in my apartment since my move-in day is… me.

In part it is because of my kitchen: I like to cook for my guests and until my kitchen cabinets are properly attached to the wall, I’m not really […]

Sorry about turning into a blog about moving…

Really, I hope to return to blogging about more interesting things than moving in the near future. However, for the moment, it’s kind of what I’m stuck on.

I wasn’t being productive enough at the office today so I decided to strike out a bit early and head home to take care of some chores, […]

My Random List of Thoughts

This has been a busy 7 days and I’m beat.

I’ve managed to get three projects completed in the last few days, including one major project that is, for the moment, off my table, although I have no doubts that it will come back to me at some future date, but hopefully not in a […]

Fall Cleaning

Right now my dining room table has piles of stuff on it.

It’s the two books I am bringing to read whilst in Wyoming, the papers indicating where I am staying, how and where I am travelling, and more, plus 28 bars of Ritter Sport chocolate for people I meet along the way.

Any leftover […]

… He Who Pisseth Against The Wall

Seeing this toilet and its warning at Cafe Zeitgeist in Munich reminded me about that video I posted awhile back featuring Pastor Anderson talking about “he who pisseth against the wall”. Unfortunately the original video was taken down, but because many people wanted to make sure you could hear his […]

On the Downside of Living Alone

Although I do not really mind being single, I do mind living alone.

Here’s the downside of living alone: I have to do everything.

Laundry: Me. Hanging wet laundry: Me Folding and putting away clean clothes: Me Going grocery shopping: Me Cooking dinner: Me Washing dishes: Me Putting away dry dishes: Me Cleaning out the […]

Chores Completed (by 11:00)

Laundry washed: clothing plus new sheets, now hanging on drying rack in reading nook.

Grocery Shopping: Popped over to the nearby and just rebranded supermarket. Picked up bread, ground beef, pasta, and other food items.

Bottles Returned: I finally grabbed the bag of empty bottles and took them over to Lidl. I returned 23 bottles […]