December 2021


Munich Impressions

Locals ride the waves in Munich.

Difficult to find.

Dirndles for women



What to wear?

What I'm wearing today.

Minor Dilemma

So this past weekend the weather in Weimar was fantastic—and I headed out to the park wearing a t-shirt with shorts.

I was a book stuck in the back pocket, a novel I was in the middle of reading. I first headed to the Weimar Office, where I read a hearty chunk of the novel, […]

Dressing for Success

I’m pretty much a slob: anybody who knows me knows that when it comes time for me to dress everyday, I reach into the closet and grab whatever is convenient.

Usually there’s some reflection of the weather outside, but even that cannot be guaranteed. I try to make sure that the colors don’t clash, and […]

Cleansing Pow(d)er?

I am doing laundry: gone for two weeks and I have a lot of laundry (even though I was able to do laundry mid-trip).

However, I have a minor question. Whilst in Portland I picked up a new jacket for the fall and winter. It’s a fancy Columbia one, straight from their flagship store: Ice […]

Hipster Hip

This isn’t my first visit to Portland, but it’s the first time I’ve been here and been in the right part of town.

As you may (or may not) recall, I’m staying at the Ace Hotel in Portland, which, in addition to having “European Style” rooms, is exactly one block south of the world famous […]

Koko: Don’t Read This!

And CQ—you might want to skip this one as well.

I have had bookmarked for awhile “The Perfect Phallus” blog – a blog dedicated to uncovering perfect phalli. Needless to say, this is a task I can fully appreciate and support.

Now before now I was an irregular reader—popping in whenever I noticed the blog […]

einen Schaufensterbummel machen

Yesterday I took a walk around Weimar, stopping at the Weimar Office (grosse Kaffee), the Feinkost Hauffe (tortillas, Mexican Wave rub, chocolate balls), and in whatever shops caught my attention.

Two of the shops caught my attention because they had blue jeans on sale at bargain (for Europe) prices, some even in the 40€ range. […]

Rough Week for… Clothing

It’s been a memorable week for my clothing. It started Thursday when I showed up at the office wearing a black undershirt with a crimson-red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. No big deal, except that a few hours later one of my colleagues showed up wearing an identical set of clothing.

That wasn’t […]

The Blame Game

Dear Fellow Thüringers:

Yes, I realize that today’s weather was absolutely, positively fantastic.

The sun was out, one could walk the streets wearing just a t-shirt, and drink coffee outside. It could not have possibly been a better Wednesday in Weimar in February. Not only that, the weather forecast for the next few days is […]