May 2020


It is official!

Leipzig is officially my favorite German city.

Not only is Leipzig blessed with beautiful buildings, a walkable city center, and friendly people, but the G-Garage was a veritable smorgasbord of hot, cute, sexy men.

Yes, it was far better than La Demence in Brussels. Whilst La Demence had the widest variety of men I’d ever […]


Today I am leaving town—escaping the Internet leash, turning off my mobile, and making for Leipzig.

Yes, it’s a weekend away, a trip to the G-Garage, the Blaue Trude, and other sights that will release stored up energy.

It’s not all fun and games – I am escaping in order to finish putting together all […]

La Demence in Brussels

By random chance, my surprise meeting in Brussels was the same weekend as La Demence, a monthly themed gay party. This month’s theme was “thugs” – so I decided to let my beard grow out for a day (I looked like a member of the mafia), wear a fake diamond (magnetic) ear-ring, and a black […]

Uppers, Downers, and Ambivalence.

There are some euphemisms here. But you already know that.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length: Upper.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length, not smoking: Upper.

Hot guy on the dance floor within arm’s length doing blow: Downer.

Seeing a guy lose his joint because the guard happened to […]

Friday Night in Leipzig

Sorry about the silence today, but I had a long night last night.

The G-Garage in Leipzig was my destination—on the way there I had a cup of coffee from Café Laden, did not get my ticket inspected on the ICE, and then nearly followed a crowd of Goth-types to wherever they were going (it’s […]

Short Takes

It’s time for a series of short-takes on stuff:

Haircut: Remember that haircut where I wanted to take the stylist home? Well, I haven’t followed up on it on the blog, but it was clear that he is an apprentice after only a week. It’s not the worst hair cut I’ve ever had, but it […]

Gay Leipzig

Friday night I decided to scratch my gay itch—but this time instead of going to gay Berlin, I decided it was feasible to take a late train to Leipzig, enjoy the gay night-life and then take the first train back on Saturday morning.

And it was. I took the 21:50 train from Weimar arriving in […]


A Jet Plane

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I want to write about something, but I cannot. Suffice it to say that right now I am a very happy camper. I have resolved a minor outstanding detail regarding something and it worked out quite nicely after a 30 minute phone call.

Anyhow, I need […]

Louisville Summary

Laundry: The bellhops at the Brown Hotel were kind enough to take me to the nearby “VanJames Coin Laundry Dry Cleaning,” where for the price of cleaning three pair of underwear at the in house laundry, I was able to wash three loads of laundry.

There I became an insta-celebrity, as the manager/owner interviewed me […]

Spending Złotych

Miejski dom Kultury

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So my biggest problem in Poland was spending money.

As noted in Breaking the Law, I crossed from Poland into Germany the first time looking for dinner—this was symbolic of my biggest problem in Poland: Spending Money.

After my hotel bill was paid, I had 280 […]