March 2021


Englisch, Englisch über alles

With living in an international city I’ve become accustomed to the fact that there are multilingual signs everywhere you would expect to find them: the train station (German, English, and French), the airport (German and English), and the Turkish Supermarket (Turkish and German).

However, I’m not offended when something is solely in German – say, […]

Berlin Coffee Shop Quest: Lancia Lifestyle Lounge

Date & Time: Today, Wednesday, 8 September, 2010, 09:45

Where: Berlin’s Car-Dealer and Coffee-Shop in One

Lancia Lifestyle Lounge Friedrichstrasse, “Quartier 110” (Corner of Friedrichstrasse & Mohrenstrasse, see below)

Actually, it’s more than a car dealership and coffee shop in one, it is a “lifestyle lounge” — which means that, at least inside, […]

How I work: Promising productivity destroyed…

Happily now that I’ve been working for just over a week, I actually have work to do—this makes me very happy.

My first real work came last week and I decided to work on it over the weekend—specifically Sunday morning.

And I had a cunning plan…

On Vacation.

Late last week I’d walked back […]

I’m a little slow!

This morning I received a text message from Michele J:

I am up, coffeed and available by cell.

Unfortunately I wasn’t coffeed which led to a slightly bizarre conversation in which I talked about her being “coiffed” –telling her that hair was important.

It wasn’t until late afternoon when I happened to be going through […]

Bloomington Indiana: Tons of Things in One Dispatch

This is one of those moments where I have a ton of things to say, but it occurs to me that I’ll never have enough time to say it all in thematic blog posts unless the theme is “Bloomington, Indiana” – so here it is: one post, many things, one city.

My favorite coffee shop […]

Caffeine & Me

This one's decaf!

I’ve known for a long time that I have issues with caffeine.

Sometimes I’ve forgotten the consequences with awful consequences—like the time I couldn’t sit still for five hours after having had two cups of regular coffee in less than an hour. Or the occasions when I’ve had cups of coffee […]

Environments Diverse

As I’ve noted before, I live in a “small” city, with a population of 65,000 people.

Make no mistake, “I ♥ WE”

Weimar’s a charming city with nice cafés, bars, restaurants, museums, and inner city architecture. It’s actually a small town where you get to know people, recognizing them by sight.

It’s possible to that […]

Kaffee Quest Continues

Some of you might remember when became annoyed my regular “Weimar Office” and declared the search for a new “Weimar Office” open.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an adequate replacement.

The key criteria for my search is the ability to work indoors since I am unwilling to work on my computer outside in the […]

Coffee Community

It’s 9:15, and I have been at Caribou Coffee on Broadway since it opened at 6:30.

Yes, that’s early—especially for a Saturday morning, but I crashed and burned last night, falling asleep before 11. There was no dancing involved, just pure beautiful jetlag that resulted in me waking up at 4, when I spent some […]

Special Travel

My trip back to Germany was a lot like my trip from Germany.

One of the flight attendants was the same and the person sitting next to me going to Berlin was the same man who sat next to me coming from Berlin. I thought I recognized his back as I followed him onto the […]