May 2020


Reliving My Childhood: Visiting Durango, riding the Durango & Silverton Railroad.

The 8:45 heading north.

Back in the 1980s my Uncle – a great man who has since passed on – arrived in Denver to take me on a trip: We flew from Denver to Durango on an Aspen Airways Convair. In Durango we stayed at the Strater Hotel and, as the main featured activity, […]

Reason why I eat too much in the States: Carnitas

Last Sunday afternoon, after having tackled a mountain of email at my second favorite coffee shop on the planet, the 9th and Downing Dazbog, I decided that I wanted to indulge in something that one cannot get in Berlin: Great Mexican food.

I drove down one of Denver’s most infamous streets, Colfax Avenue, until I […]

History Colorado: Colorado has history, but it’s kind of shallow now.

Saturday morning, after having breakfast with one of my oldest friends, we headed over to the brand new History Colorado Center – brand new as it opened only a couple months ago.

The new museum replaces the old facility, which looked like a typewriter and was both one of my favorite buildings in downtown Denver […]

18:00 CET Times Two – 10:00 in the Mountain Time Zone

Sorry about my silence, but I’ve been without Internet access since leaving Laramie, and, as such, have a pile of email to look through.

As such, this will be just a quick run-down of what I’ve been up to at 18:00 CET/ 10:00 MST for three days straight.

The Saturday photo would be here, but […]

48: The Rest of the West…

Covering the rest of the west is, for me, easy: California is filled with lots of memories, and while I know the Cynical Queer wants me to talk about his hometown, my California memories first center on going to Sea World in San Diego with my parents when I was a kid, probably the only […]

Photos from Bloomington, Fargo, Moorhead, and Colorado

The mixer for making dough at Greek's Pizza

This is the replica Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The stunningly beautiful and restored Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota

At Jax, in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ritter Sport costs $3.19! I prefer paying 79 cents at the Ritter Sport store in Berlin.

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest!

A few weeks ago there was an accidental contest on Twitter in which various American expats living in Germany were trying to outdo each other in what could only be describe as a contest one doesn’t actually want to win:

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest.

I thought, at the time, that I […]

Fired Up for Yummy Heroes

Rescue Me!

I thought it would be too early to pick up 2010 calendars in October, but I’m happy to report that whilst in Denver, I picked up the 2010 “Fired Up for Kids” calendar that supports the Children’s Hospital Burn Unit in Denver.

The calendar features 15 different firefighters from across Colorado […]

Random Trip Notes

I’m back in Weimar–but before I move on to life back in Germany, here are a few more travel tidbits:

Is it really an honor? On my way from the airport, I drove down a stretch of I-70 in Denver that was named after the Tuskegee Airmen. I don’t have any doubt that these individuals […]

Taxing Problem

I’m having a nasty headache, one which I am extra happy to have been handed whilst in the States. Had I been in Germany when this one arrived it would have been a nightmare.

For some reason, although I moved out of Colorado in 1998, Colorado thinks that I owe them some $460 in overdue […]