Sie wählen die heißesten Feuerwehrmänner Thüringens!

I’ve voted for Thüringen’s hottest firemen. Three of them, actually. Here were my choices:

I really think Stephan, 22, of Gera is cute. Yeah, he's sticking his tongue out, but that's fine given the context as he's holding a cute baby!

This falls into the […]

Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

One of my colleagues taking a quick spin through my vacation photos on the old blog noticed the “Fired Up” photos of Colorado’s firemen and told me about the Antenne Thüringen contest to find Thüringen’s hottest fireman; sponsored by Original Greußener Salami.

It turns out that while I might intentionally set fire to my home […]

We have winners! Ian and Jul!

Seen in Rotterdam!

Ultimately I decided upon two Photo Contest winners: Ian in Hamburg for his “clean” responses of “Christmas Tree” and “Buttplug”, and Jul for the more accurate responses of “Buttplug” and “Buttplug.”

After taking the photo, I sent a link of it to one of my Dutch friends who doesn’t live in […]

Photo Contest!

Today I found this large statue of what appears to be Santa Claus in Rotterdam. Clearly he’s holding a bell in one of his hands.

You will win a fabulous prize (I’ll mail you a congratulatory postcard from Rotterdam) if you can:

Tell me what Santa is holding up with his other hand; and Tell […]