July 2020


Small Town Pride

One of the main indicators of the success of gays and lesbians in organizing and in social acceptance has been the growth in the number of cities with gay pride celebrations in June. Gay pride festivals have been around for decades in most every large American city (Chicago is celebrating its 39th this year). But […]

CSD Thüringen 2007

Today I went with a friend to CSD-Thüringen in Erfurt.

It was a gay day, overall, and not just because of Christopher Street Days (Gay Pride in America). Although we did not complete the entire march, we did go from the Erfurt Hauptbahnhof to the Erfurt Rathaus before both of us got bored and decided […]

One Last Day…

Today’s my last full day in Bloomington before I head out on a biz-trip to… Germany.

Yes, I’m returning to the Father-Land for a week of meetings. The outbound journey is through Detroit and Paris to Leipzig, while I return from Frankfurt on a double-hop I did not originally desire.

For my last day, I’ve […]

Pride 2006

Today was, in many ways, a replay of a lovely Saturday afternoon I had two years ago shortly after arriving in Germany.

I caught the train to Erfurt because “Christopher Street Days” were in progress. Last time I got off the train and met up with Katya, and discovered that I couldn’t understand her handwriting […]

Eurovision 2006: Klingons Win!

Note: This was written while voting for Eurovision was in progress, and the follow-up, so it may seem to be a bit disjointed.

This year I decided against traveling anywhere to watch Eurovision with a group. Leipzig is starting its Gay Pride Week (err… Christopher Street Days) with a Eurovision Party, but I couldn’t work […]

Weekend Plans

This is going to be an exciting weekend!

Friday evening I am going over to Erfurt for three exciting events-the first is my journey to see the CDU candidate for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Yes, Germany is in the midst of an exciting election campaign, and although I have no vote whatsoever, I am watching […]

CSD, Erfurt

So yesterday I went to CSD (Christopher Street Days/Gay Pride) in Erfurt. Surprisingly, CSD was, uh- lame. It took place right smack in the middle of the city (good thing), surrounded by lots of people shopping and otherwise in the city center (good thing), but it consisted of two beer booths (good), a couple safe […]

Happy Day

By this time next week I should be out of dollar debt!

Too bad I am in €uro debt already–to the tune of €900 plus a couple plane tickets. Hopefully I will be able to reduce this down to zero relatively quickly–with any luck by the end of September.

I am heading to Erfurt in […]

Pride… or not

The week I was in Germany in June was the week that gay pride was held in many cities around Europe, and I had assumed, after seeing mention of it on CNN before leaving Frankfurt, that my luck was out: I would not get to celebrate gay pride in Germany in 2004. I was actually […]

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Two years ago I first traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in order to meet my father and attend a baseball game. We met in Fort Wayne because it is a convenient stopping point for my father as he drives from his home in Denver to upstate New York-we have met four summers in a row […]