July 2022


In Armenia

I made it.

Thursday morning at 3:30 my flight touched down and I sped right through immigration and customs into the (relatively) cool night air of Yerevan.

The trip to Yerevan was marred with two separate, but stupid, incidents; since arrival, everything’s been swell!

First, at the Weimar train station, I stopped into the bakery, […]

Die Bahn: Lügner

I realize that I am about to sound a bit like J, from Germany Doesn’t Suck, when it comes to German Trains, and to most people who live in places that do not even remotely have reasonable public transit, my ranting might seem a bit pedantic, but… oh well.

What I really do not like […]

unHelpful Answers

So, as part of a business trip in June, I might be landing in Seattle for a couple of nights. I wrote the following email to a bed and breakfast in the city:

Should I make it to Seattle, I will want to spend June xx through xx. I have two questions: 1) What availability […]

One Thing After Another

Me pointing

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To describe this trip as a series of mini-headaches would be an understatement.

The funny thing is that nothing has really caused me to get really upset—only once have I been really surly with somebody and another time I let annoyance creep into my voice.

Seriously, I’ve […]


I knew that I was back in the States once I sat down at the Chili’s in Atlanta’s Airport.

“Hi, my name is Kimberly and I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get for you tonight?”

It was that overly cheerful and aggressive name introductory nature of America, where waiters and waitresses wear nametags, […]


I quit using Cingular at least two years ago, maybe three–so it came to my great surprise to get the following email–not once, but twice, so far. It appears to be legit… e.g. there are no links in the email that suggest phising for information.

Any suggestions?

Somebody want to bitch at Cingular for me?



I recommend avoiding UPS.

1) Due to help I received from a UPS employee, I am getting bills for packages that should have been billed to the receipient. If I had done this on my own I would have been annoyed at myself, but because somebody in a UPS uniform told me to fill out […]

Constant Sales

Bank One Corporation 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL 60670

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently visited one of your Bloomington area Bank One branches in order to make a deposit into my employers account. He was unable to complete the transaction himself because he is away on leave in Germany.

At the conclusion […]