August 2022


There are Geekier Geeks Than Me!

Sometimes, when I hope people aren’t listening, I would sing to myself a song that I remember from my childhood — a promotional song for Star Trek (TOS) reruns.

Somehow YouTube’s algorithms pulled it up and put it in my recommended viewing list.

I probably shouldn’t post it here. But I am.


On being a little terror – adventures in middle school when I was four.

Smiley Middle School

Now that my friends have kids of school age, I’m starting to hear some interesting stories about schools and how bad their administrations are. Fighting strange school policies on behalf of their kids is a refrain I’m hearing more and more.

Listening to the stories reminded me of a story from […]

Five nights of Family and Friends

Guess what I toured…

So far my trip has been great, with one exception. I made all my tight connections (1 hour in Munich (Schengen to International (to the US on a US Flagged carrier)) and Washington (I had a spare 10 minutes before my flight boarded after completing Immigration, Customs, and TSA)) and […]

I missed my 20th high school reunion.

I was vaguely aware that 20 years ago I graduated from high school – and that there would be a reunion of some kind.

There was: it was this past Saturday, and I missed it.

Even had I been within reasonable range (5,000 miles is not, 50 is), I wouldn’t have gone because I detest […]

Reason why I eat too much in the States: Carnitas

Last Sunday afternoon, after having tackled a mountain of email at my second favorite coffee shop on the planet, the 9th and Downing Dazbog, I decided that I wanted to indulge in something that one cannot get in Berlin: Great Mexican food.

I drove down one of Denver’s most infamous streets, Colfax Avenue, until I […]

History Colorado: Colorado has history, but it’s kind of shallow now.

Saturday morning, after having breakfast with one of my oldest friends, we headed over to the brand new History Colorado Center – brand new as it opened only a couple months ago.

The new museum replaces the old facility, which looked like a typewriter and was both one of my favorite buildings in downtown Denver […]

What’s doing with me…

I’m in Denver, briefly, visiting my family and seeing my Mom’s new house.

So far I haven’t made any accidental trips to the old house, my car has managed to find its way to the new address without error each and every time. I bet I head to the old house the next time […]

Missing Dad-E

A year ago today my Father died: February 24, 2011.

It is somewhat fitting that I will be spending the 24th in New York City – my Father’s home town, where he was born, raised, and spent much of his 20s before moving to Denver.

For those of you who know New York City, he […]

18:00 CET – In Motion

For six nights in a row this week, I will not be sleeping in the same bed twice – right now I’m half way through this travel marathon and I am looking forward to being at rest, somewhere.

Monday at 10:00 Mountain Standard Time I was in Denver, specifically at the airport, […]

18:00 CET: Traveling down Colfax at 10 in the morning… on the way to Wyoming

Tuesday morning, before heading north, I went to a coffee shop in order to get caught up on my email—for while I might be on vacation, some aspects of work need somewhat regular attention.

I found myself on Colfax Avenue at 18:00 CET – a warm, sunny, Tuesday morning at 10 in Denver.