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I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years – but have been too lazy to actually do it. However, some external events have prompted me to lay out a few things so that in the event anybody has any questions, I can point them to this blog post.

First, should I ever blog […]

Journalists, Journalism, and Ethics

A long, long time ago, I aspired to become a journalist – I worked on the student newspaper at the University of Wyoming, The Branding Iron, and I harbored dreams of becoming a well known and well respected journalist in Wyoming.

Something funny happened on the way to fulfilling that dream and I ended up […]

(1944) Pocket Guide to Germany

This booklet is issued in the interest of informing you about the country you occupy. Nothing contained herein should be considered a relaxation of the Non-Fraternization Policy.

Keep faith with the American soldiers who have died to eliminate the German war makers.


I picked up this pocket guide while visiting a […]

American Ethics, or Not.

I am a bit pissed right now.

Angry, actually.

I’m not sure if I should blame George W. Bush for the idiotic war in Iraq, the Marines for failing to train their soldiers adequately, or the individual marines who misbehave whilst in Al Haditha and in Iraq in general.

It’s absolute bullshit: and I have […]