August 2022


Auf Wiedersehen.

One of the hard parts of being an expat is that the people you are closest to – often other expats – are the most likely to pack up and move.

This very week two expat friends are going repat: moving back to their native lands. One is a fellow blogger and American, the other […]

I’ve crossed yet another mental line.

As a result of growing up in Denver, Colorado, and the United States, there are certain things that, when I hear, I should automatically assume certain things.

For example, when I hear the word “Georgia”, I should think of that state in the southeastern part of the United States. Long ago I stopped thinking of […]

Classy Cinemas

#1 Screen

Since moving to Weimar, I’ve always known Weimar to have two movie theaters: a branch of the national theater chain, Cinestar, and a local cinema, mon ami. The former specializes in the wide Hollywood releases, the later specializes in… err… honestly I no longer remember, I think foreign films.

After a local […]

Wow! HH: One Happenin’ Harbor (aka Saturday)

After going to bed at 2:30, I woke up what would normally be late for me, but in this case was actually early—something like 8 or 8:30; I’m not really sure what time, I just woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and listening to two people being quiet: Mrs. Letters Home and the little red-haired girl.


WEBUM – Queer Expedition

In my humble opinion, the most highly anticipated event during the Whiney Expatriate Bloggers Unmissable Meetup – the WEBMU – is the (now) annual Queer Expedition, which is now in its third year.

Two years ago, in Dresden, Ian, of Letters Home, and I checked out its tiny and noisy gay scene on Friday night—it […]

Cleaning, Preparing…

The Living Room. Click through to see notes…

Yeah… so… I’m having a party tonight.

Starting at 5.

I know that’s early, but most of the guests are coming from Jena, and since they will eventually want to return to Jena, most by train, I need to have an early party.

This morning I […]

Ich lese Deutsch

I have to confess that my German skills have been sneaking up on me.

For awhile I’ve realized that I can figure out the proper German structure for relatively simple sentences, but when I try to speak, the vocabulary is missing. Obviously I need to somehow work on learning the vocabulary, but since my mind […]

This is not Vegas!

The Fourth Annual Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-up was great.

Getting together with 18 bloggers (including the Super-Sacks of German Expatriate Blogging!), and assorted “plus ones”, in Bremen was a great way to spend the weekend. It’s a genuine thrill to meet for the first time PapaScott, HeisseScheisse, and Deutschland über Elvis; as well as renewing […]

Wish You Were Here…

If last year was any guide, then the best Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up report will be one written by Ian in Hamburg.

So it is some humility (perhaps not as a writer but as a speaker of several memorable lines throughout the day), that I offer up some thoughts about Friday’s events.

I woke up […]

Foreign Complainers to Unite in Bremen!

I doubt there any expats-oriented readers of my blog in Germany that don’t read at least one, if not all, of the more famous expatriate blogs like Germany Doesn’t Suck, HeisseScheisse, or Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut.

The Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up in one month’s time, September 27, is probably not news for such readers. In the […]