April 2021



Dear DB & SNCF,

Ok, so my train from Frankfurt to Paris-Est (ICE 9556) is running approximately 22 minutes late.

I could be upset about this, or the fact that I had to cross platforms at Saarbrücken to board a different train set because of a “technical fault” with my train, but I am not.



Anna Amalia Library

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Today’s been a long day and I am tired.

My exhaustion has been aided by the half litre of beer that I drank not too long ago, along with a lovely spinach-garlic pizza.

So this is it. No real blog entry, but I have a a […]


Weimar’s Swimming Pool

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This evening people from my office met up in Jena’s Paradise Park to have a party.

The weather couldn’t have been better, and the park couldn’t have been much more crowded.

Fortunately, one of the people who lives in Jena has a grill, and he rolled […]

Only In New York

I looked out my hotel window and watched a fire truck, complete with its lights and siren going being passed by taxis and cars headed north on 8th Avenue.

While taking the subway, the train I was on was stopped due to a “suspicious package” on the train ahead of us. The best part was […]

Serendipitous Finds

Not speaking or reading German means that I neither watch television nor read the newspapers that would inform me about local goings-on.

So it was a great surprise this morning when I wandered down to Theatre-Platz and discovered that it was fire truck day!

Or something of that ilk.

There were a bunch of fire […]

not again…

Ok… i know… just another reminder that I like to travel. I leave Denver tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will be flying to Prague via Detroit and Amsterdam.


Also… while in Cheyenne last week, my sister and I visited Wyoming Home, a pretty cool store. Unfortunately, it burned yesterday.

Fire Follow-Up

For more on the fire, this time in native English, see Saturday’s New York Times article, “Literary Treasures Lost in Fire at German Library.”

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Fist (Faust) Collection

I must apologize for having neglected my blog for the past few days-After getting back from Stuttgart I have been, well.. tired. I’ve gone home from work and either taken a nap (and ignored the doorbell), or in the case of yesterday, went to the Rez and hung out reading for a couple hours.

I’ve […]