August 2021


Big Bowl Bash

Rumor has it that today is the day of some massively big bowl bash in Amerika.

Two groups of men wearing too much clothing are going to go and beat each other up in some big coliseum like facility in a place that is hot and miserable. Truly weird Amerikans in Europa can see the […]


I’m at the airport, heading back to the Old World via Atlanta. It’s going to be a long day.

Meanwhile, last Friday night I participated in the typical traditional fall activity. I went to a high school football game.

The evening was cool and crisp and after borrowing a sweatshirt, I felt like a local […]


Here in London, much of the news about Beckham going to America focuses on two things: (1) How much money is involved; and (2) How Beckham going to America will transform soccer making it popular in America.

My responses: (1) Good for Beckham’s bank account, bad investment by the owners of the LA Galaxy (is […]

Personal Hell

If I were to write a script where I was putting myself through hell, it would look something like this:

I arrive somewhere not realizing that “somewhere” is on the verge of breaking out in celebration or protest. I check into my hotel and am warned that a private party might be disruptive. I stay […]


Yeah, you know how earlier today I admitted that I wasn’t as ignorant about the “fußball” thingy going on here in Deutschland?

Well, uh, I am ignorant.

I had no idea that Germany was playing today until I was on the train and they announced the score over the PA system and someone blew an […]

Random Things

Our office cafeteria lady distributed new cards promoting her catering business. The cards were written in German and presumably proofread by Germans, but like any good promotional material, there is English on the card emphasizing certain points. Unfortunately, the third bullet point was labeled “slowfat,” thus evoking bizarre mental imagery. Presumably she meant “low fat,” […]

Go. Team.

You WILL Support the Team

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So I am no fool, I do know that there is a little soccer tournament ongoing here in Germany.

However, I give it the due attention it deserves along side of other insignificant sporting events like the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the NBA, […]

Frankfurt Furienmeister

As I write this, I’m at my hotel in Frankfurt, having passed the afternoon wandering town.

My main objective, and truly the sole reason I came early was to see the works by “der Furienmeister” at the Liebieghaus. The sculptures, all by an unknown master around 1600, were fantastic. The intricacy and detail of the […]

Bag O’Crap

Rodina Mat

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It’s easy to tell that summer solstice is fast approaching. At 9pm it is fairly light out—a far cry from a few months ago when the sun set a few minutes after it rose.

Anyhow, I’ve managed to learn a number of interesting thing off of the […]

Fußball Crazy!

Berliner Dom & Fernsehturm

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Wherever you go in Germany, it’s hard to miss the fact that Germany is hosting the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Yup, it’s football time, and I don’t mean the American kind, I mean that kind Americans call soccer.

The trains are marked with the World […]