August 2022


Home Heute

Today, In a nutshell:

07:59: Arrive FRA; Train to Hbf, Train to Weimar, Arrive Weimar 11:50

Noon: Arrive Home, Nap, 160 Alarm

17:00: Dinner, wandering

19:15: Meet friends at Warm Up.

23:00: Bedtime.

3x Schwarz

Black 1:

Remember the guy from Dressing for Success?

After blogging about watching him take a long time to dress with his hoodies and coat before getting off the train, I didn’t see him again. It was a bit disappointing, like I had jinxed myself. That changed this morning, I saw him again. He wasn’t […]

Love Actually

As you might remember, I was in the Christmas spirit on Halloween. Without many of the trappings, I was in the Christmas Spirit – it helped that I was eating Lindt Christmas Chocolate.

Yet, Friday evening, as I wandered the Jena Christmas Market, I found myself annoyed with Christmas. The multiple booths selling Christmas-themed shit […]

Understanding Others

As I’ve slowly grown up, I’ve come to realize that one of the most difficult skills for people to acquire is empathy across differences and the ability to understand the lives of others.

I don’t necessarily mean empathy in Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” sense, but in the sense that most people never understand […]

Two Bad Questions

Do you want to know how to annoy me to no end?

It’s easy: Call me and after I say “Hello” ask me either one of two questions: “What are you doing?” or “Where are you?”

It happened to me in the States—somebody would call me at home, on Saturday night, at 10pm and ask […]

Indy Pride

After being uncertain about my willingness to attend Indy Pride, I threw all caution to the wind, and headed north with Mateo and Chaz to the Circle City and it’s 2007 Pride.

This is my second pride event in the United States; the first was Fort Wayne Pride a few years back and was down […]

Wednesday in Portugal

The weather turned out to be far nicer than forecasted: sunny, warm, and perfect. What follows is a photo essay of my day, in five pictures.

Never turn your back on the water, even when posing for a photo. I had a wet posterior for hours.

I think this is body surfing? Looks […]

The Purpose of Travel

Tonight I was in Woolworth’s—long gone from the American scene, Woolworth’s in England is much like the one that used to be in the USA.

I was there to pick up Jelly Babies for a friend back at the office—his specific request.

While I was looking at the enormous package of Jelly Babies (600 grams, […]

so sorry…

I haven’t been in a writing mood this week—which explains the complete and total lack of anything to read on this blog.

I have been reading a number of other blogs—trying to identify myself on Eurotrippen’s “3 simple blogging truths.” (She’s my favorite blogger right now.); trying not to snort too loudly at Jon Swift’s […]


Hey Everybody!

I just got a report that one of my postcards mailed last Wednesday has already made it to the United Kingdom. I’d appreciate it a lot if you’d post comments telling me when you get your postcard.

Eight days from Yerevan to the British Cotswolds, including a national holiday in Armenia on the […]