April 2021


My Brief Week Abroad / A Pause That Refreshed Me / North America

As y’all may have noticed, I was in New Orleans and Montreal last month – a weeklong trip to French parts of North America.

Michel de Broin’s Revolutions: Climb infinitely.

At the same time, the trip had some nice moments of symmetry – things that reflected back and made the overall trip fantastic.

New […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody had to come out? Thoughts on Raising my Rainbow.

I just finished reading Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son, by Lori Duron. She chronicles her experiences raising her youngest son, CJ, who, despite being a boy, loves all things Barbie, pink, and fabulous.

He abhors boy things.

The book is really fantastic – in part because she does not […]

Reflecting on T: “I am J” on being Transgendered

A few weeks ago I noticed on Queerty that California schools are going to include GLBT-themed books in their curriculum.

The news bit included the cover of two of the books on the list, Totally Joe and I am J. I own Totally Joe – and while it’s been awhile since I’ve actually read it, […]

Every Day by David Levithan

This past week one of my favorite authors, David Levithan, had his newest book published, Every Day, over in the United States.

Historically speaking, I would now be excited, in the abstract, order the book, then have to wait for me and the book to unite, whether via a visiting friend’s suitcase or me making […]

I (heart) reading. Even more now.

For several years, every time I’ve returned from the States, I’ve carried a lot of books – and then spent a month or two reading them (or longer). I buy books in the US and not Germany because there’s a wider selection and better pricing when it comes to English language books.

That’s not to […]

Oh Canada!

Awesome Airport Art

The flight from London to Detroit was, as the pilot promised, 30 minutes from take off to touch down—and with it, my journey home began.

The funniest moment of the day, for me, was my trip through security at the London Airport. The polite and nice security guard appreciated the fact […]

S.T.H: Pervalicious!

Saturday in Berlin, before heading to the mp3 Experiment, Snooker and I stopped by the new Exile gallery located near Hallesches Tor. To read about it though, you’ll need to click through—and keep in mind that while there are no photos in this particular blog entry, the text might be NSFW.


Suitcase Stuffed

One of the harder things to find in Germany are quality gay English novels.

There’s a book store up in Berlin that has a nice selection, but it’s not that wide. I usually visit it when I’m there, buying two or three books.

Trips to the states I have to restrain myself—and I failed miserably […]

Boy Meets Hero

I bought several books while in Berlin—including the newly released hardbound comic book, Boy Meets Hero.

It’s a comic book about a closeted gay superhero and his boyfriend—and it’s actually rather endearing. I’ve linked to the comic’s website from my homepage for awhile now because I liked the story. It’s a simple tale of romance, […]

Before Nifty

It’s hard for me to imagine what the world was like before two critical events: Stonewall and the Internet.

Stonewall was the most critical moment in the gay rights movement in the twentieth century, the moment when the drag queens of New York City told the police that the harassment had to end and that […]