March 2021


Last Thought for 2008

Reminds me of Tom Lehrer's song about National Brotherhood Week.

New Graffiti

I noticed in the last week a new type of graffiti here in Weimar: Ceramic tiles.

The three that I’ve found (and I am now looking) are displayed below—it’s impressive to me. I think it’s probably easier and safer for the artists because they get to make it in advance, somewhere private, before placing it […]

Before and After

Graffiti on the Kassa, a club located near the Jena West train station.

Photo Friday: Boy

This boy is about to be mischievous.

Photo Friday Entry (#87) | elmada.com Home

And yes, this is from the recent Jena Today. It fits Photo Friday perfectly.

Jena Today

This morning I headed over to Jena to meet some people from Armenia. It was a splendid meeting and I am still excited about my upcoming trip. The culture shock is going to be incredible though.

On my way back to the train station I managed to notice a vegetarian restaurant which prompted me to […]



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Ah… it’s most of the way through Masturbation Month, and I’m happy to announce, that aside from those chaste days with MT, I’ve been doing my part.

And no, I didn’t model for the graffiti that I found here in Weimar—I just found it amusing that the graffiti […]

Graffiti by d°poL

d°pol III

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Like many cities, Weimar shows the scars of having graffiti artists who use the city walls as their personal canvases.

With the usual resulting ugliness.

Now, without condoning graffiti, I want to comment upon one of Weimar’s better graffiti artists, one who tags his (presumptuous I know, […]

Erster Mai


Erster Mai

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There are so many possible directions to go with today’s blog entry, that I couldn’t begin to enumerate them.

I could discuss today as Labor Day—the day celebrating the worker in most of the world, excluding most English speaking countries (save the United Kingdom and Ireland). It’s […]

Three Weekend Things…

Three Wishes…

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Blue Jeans: Last night I went to Jena to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. He had a party at his flat which overlooks the Jena West-Weimar train tracks. Upon arrival at the party, another colleague noticed something across the room, so she decided to point it out.

“Adam! […]

Graffiti in Jena

Graffiti in Jena

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I posted this photo to Flickr yesterday and already three people have named it a favorite image.

The graffiti is located between where I get off the train and my office, so I pass it at least once a day — usually twice. The pixelation of […]