March 2021


Stare at me!

The one thing that was absolutely consistent wherever I went in Armenia was that people stared at me.

Granted, I’ve been stared at before—usually because I am a freak. Take, for instance, when I had bright orange hair, whilst wearing an orange shirt and an orange boa in Bloomington. I sure attracted a lot of […]

Short Takes

It’s time for a series of short-takes on stuff:

Haircut: Remember that haircut where I wanted to take the stylist home? Well, I haven’t followed up on it on the blog, but it was clear that he is an apprentice after only a week. It’s not the worst hair cut I’ve ever had, but it […]

gay Bratislava

The trouble, for me, started when I made the mistake of complementing a local’s cool hair style – and in fact, I did like his hair. However, I didn’t necessarily want to have sex with him.

Unfortunately he thought I did.

Monday night Mateo and I were enjoying the friendly underground confines of the Apollon […]


While washing my hair this morning, I noticed that my Herbal Essences Fruit Fusions (blackberry, avocado, mango) had a little “new” label on the front of it.

“NEW! Same Great Scent“


I was about 30 minutes later getting into Rotterdam than I expected when I woke up (and, in actuality, and hour and a half early, since I caught an earlier train). I got to Rotterdam at 4, which left me plenty of time to pick up food and a few necessities before Maurice at Hype […]

Praha III: Highs and Lows

Friday morning I woke up late – well, late for me. I was out of bed at 8, but not really wanting to do anything since my haircut was scheduled for 9. I managed to restrain myself by watching morning Czech TV and looking out the window. I walked down to the salon and got […]

Praha II: Street Wandering

So, after I had settled into my room, which basically involved taking everything except the guidebooks out of my backpack, I wandered off to do things around Praha. My first stop was at a hair salon down the street where I was able to use my freshly learned knowledge of how to tell time in […]