July 2020


Whatchmacallit 28: Cannoli

For the first time, I present something ephemeral: cannoli made by Küchen von Gaia.

Generally speaking, I try to be back from my constitutional and at home for the day by 0830 every morning – this is my way of avoiding people (the streets are relatively quiet at 0600), thus allowing others to be […]

And the allergies are off to the races!

It the time of year that I suffer mightily from allergies – I have no idea which plant it is, but the plant took full advantage of the rains late last week to come out and bloom over the weekend.

Saturday I ended up taking anti-allergy drugs. One of the side effects of my anti-allergy […]

Frohe Weihnachten! / Happy Christmas!

Christmas Cheer!

Wow. My blog has been quiet this month – but before I get into what’s been going on, let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Although, all things considered, I’m probably not the first person to do this – so just take my seasonal greetings in the manner […]

My Persnickety Eyes and Me

Back when I was in Bloomington I decided to get my eyes examined – yes, I know I could do this in Germany, but doing it in Bloomington was nice because the people there know that I have a weird problem with my eyes and can check in on it.

I came away from the […]

What an icky few weeks.

Germany seems to have come down with a cold.


Germany seems to have come down with a number of colds, and I am getting each one in turn. So far, I’ve had three distinct colds – a heavy duty cold in late January that marked its entrance with a headache and minor fever. Two […]

Happy Thanksgiving. Or Not.

Ah… if I were stateside today, I would be eating turkey.

But I’m not. I’m in Berlin.

And I’m sick.

It actually makes me doubly happy that both of m tentative thanksgiving plans fell through since I would have had to cancel anyway.

Instead I’m spending my second day in a row at home, wondering […]

A Little Remembered Anniversary Passed This Week

I work out.

While Germans were observing the anniversary of Kristallnacht and celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, I observed the second anniversary of my gym membership.

By coincidence I had a meeting with my personal trainer – and we discussed my progress over the last two years.

And as I look back […]

This is good Friday, timing wise.

Most of the time, I’m indifferent to religious holidays.

This time, the timing actually perfect: somebody charitably shared a cold with me and I need the time off to recover. The cold first made itself known to me late Monday night, walloped me Tuesday (enough that I stayed home and slept 90% of the day), […]

Ack! Between my Hexenschuss and my trip to Amsterdam…

I’ve gained two kilo in the past two weeks – and I’ll blame one kilo on not going to the gym, and the other kilo on Amsterdam.

With respect to the gym, once the Hexenschuss hit, I stopped going to the gym for over a week, and when I started going to the gym again, […]

I got asked a very strange question today!

On a scale of one to ten, where ten is so painful that you’d jump through a window to commit suicide, how painful is your back right now?

It’s questions like this that remind me how little I like doctors and the medical profession in general – not that I was asked this by a […]