May 2022


Can’t Lose

A couple days ago, at the office, one of my colleagues brought up something that reminded both of us of an early ‘90s television sitcom—while I struggled to remember its name, he blurted out “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.”

Not only were we thinking of the same television show, apparently the TV show was an international […]

Saturday Summary

I took the Staten Island Ferry to and from the island with a large group of Juniors from River View High School in Warsaw, Ohio. They were doing the exact same thing that I did: out and back—and I talked to one of the teachers when he suggested that the New York City Port was […]

Avoid Ft. Myers

School officials in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, have decided to keep their kids safe by not allowing them to travel to London to participate in the 2007 New Year’s Day Parade.

It seems that the local school officials are a bit worried about Terrorism, not remembering that their own city isn’t that safe.

More: CNN […]

The Teen

So, I was a parent for just over a week.

And no, the kid was not genetically related to me.

However watching The Teen was an interesting experience for me. As most of you are aware, I have had no interest, whatsoever, in having kids of my own. However there has been a slight and […]

Bad Teachers

My last post spurred me to start thinking about some of the bad teachers I had while in the Denver Public Schools.

But before I do, I want to make a quick clarification for people unfamiliar with me who might stumble upon my blog at a later date and take this out of context: While […]


Last night I had the honor of being invited to the “Grade 8 Recognition” at a local Middle School here in Bloomington. For those of you unfamiliar with the US educational system, at the end of the 8th year, students move from “Middle School” to “High School.” In many communities, this transition happens with a […]

Berlin Emotions

So Wednesday evening I wrote very briefly about my trip to Berlin, and I closed by saying I was on my way to bed.

I lied.

I really wanted to write this in peace and quiet– or rather in peace and Kai Tracid’s CD, “Contemplate the Reason You Exist.” Its ended up taking me a […]


A month or so ago, there was an amusing article posted to fark about high school students attending an event to discourage bad behavior during prom. One of the events was a cornhole tournament. No, not that kind, but this kind of cornhole. I was reminded of this today because the bizarre t-shirt I ordered […]