March 2021


Celebrate Good Times!

Happy German Reunification Day everybody!

Happy Fourth

It is a happy accident that I landed in Bloomington, Indiana, the day before the Fourth of July.

I woke early this morning—5am—made some phone calls, ate breakfast at the Bloomington Waffle House (They have had the same morning wait staff for at least the last 10 years), and then wandered around downtown.

Downtown was […]

Happy Holiday

Ah, to be European…

Such a plethora of holidays at your fingertips—and today is Pfingsten. In English that’s the Pentecost, which still gives me no clue what the holiday is about. I understand Easter (Christ on a Cross), Christmas (Christ in a Manger), and even Ascension (Christ goes to Heaven), but even after reading about […]

Holiday: Easter Monday

Despite there being no discernable holiday on today, it’s a holiday here in Germany.

I guess it’s the day that people recover from their Easter hangovers: too much of the communion wine, or something like that. I really am clueless. I do know it’s also a long holiday weekend in the UK, and presumably other […]

Easter Saturday

I’m having a great weekend—despite the fact that it’s a long four day holiday weekend in Germany.

Grocery stores are closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Easter; stores are open today, and like many other people, I ventured out to stock up on the necessities—for a change of pace I went over […]

Happy… Fourth

I’ve seen this mentioned on quite a few expatriate blogs and on non-expatriate blogs, so the fact that I am adding to the choir probably doesn’t add much, but regardless, Happy Fourth of July.

American Independence Day.

I’ve spent my day in Evansville, Indiana, a quaint city on the Ohio River.

This morning I took […]

Wednesday in Portugal

The weather turned out to be far nicer than forecasted: sunny, warm, and perfect. What follows is a photo essay of my day, in five pictures.

Never turn your back on the water, even when posing for a photo. I had a wet posterior for hours.

I think this is body surfing? Looks […]

The 25th of April

Right now I am sitting in my hotel lobby, using the free wifi to download some podcasts and read email. There’s another guy here using the wifi as well, plus two women, one of whom is wearing something that closely resembles the floral pattern of the quilt and drapes in the hotel rooms. In fact, […]

Spring Cleaning

I didn’t really know what I was doing the past week at home, other than the fact that I was catching up on a lot of chores and annoyances that I should have caught up with before.

And then it dawned on me: Spring Cleaning.

Now some of the laundry I’ve done in the past […]

Photo Friday: Sentimental

I find this incredibly sentimental, although I might be the only one.

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