April 2021


My Queer Weekend

I left Weimar this weekend for a number of reasons—the specific ones are not especially important. As you might recall, my original plan was to go used underwear shopping in Berlin, but ended up going to Frankfurt, Trier, and (as I write this, enroute to) Antwerp.

Suffice it to say, Frankfurt continues to disappoint. I […]

Late Mornings

It seems like it was only a month or two ago and the sun was coming up at 4am—now the sun is coming up sometime after my alarm time of 6:25, and I’m having a hard time dealing with it.

Such is life at the northern latitudes.

I’ve been on a bread-baking kick of late, […]

The Parade

It’s an interesting question to ask: What can you say about a country after watching it celebrate its Independence Day ?

My comparison is not perfect for I can only compare the Independence Day parade of Bloomington, Indiana, USA to the one I watched in Yerevan today. Germany lacks an Independence Day that it celebrates […]

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day in Armenia!

I’m going off to the parade, which is at 10 in Republic Square. It should be massive fun. After that I am not sure what my plans are, probably to visit museums in the city center.

Yesterday I mailed 30 postcards (9,000 dram) to points in Europe and North […]

Armenia Planning Update

Sunday night I started panicking about my September trip to Armenia. Hotels in Yerevan, the capital city, are more expensive than I expected, although I suspect there is a significant price premium for booking hotels that can be found on the Internet—this is a country where few places have a web presence.

I finally drew […]

Happy Holiday!

Today was the last legal holiday in my part of Germany until October.

It was, despite the general over-cast and chilly nature, a perfectly good day to work at the coffee shop – which I did for four hours.

After that I was fried – I started cleaning my house and getting ready to pack, […]

Religious Kegger

Happy father’s day – by Durex

Originally uploaded by Matte0.

I never really thought that my oblique reference to Thursday being a religious holiday where a lot of beer is consumed in the woods to raise so many questions—namely what religious holiday inspires a kegger in the woods.

For those of you who […]

Erster Mai


Erster Mai

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There are so many possible directions to go with today’s blog entry, that I couldn’t begin to enumerate them.

I could discuss today as Labor Day—the day celebrating the worker in most of the world, excluding most English speaking countries (save the United Kingdom and Ireland). It’s […]

Good Friday?

it’s overcast, cool, and threatening to rain…

is this really a good friday?



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So, since leaving Kyiv, I’ve not really given an overall impression of the city, nor have I completely thanked Katya’s family for hosting me.

Without further ado, I will address the second point:

Dear Katya’s Family:

Thank you ever so much for hosting me over New Year’s Eve. […]