July 2022


Naked Façade

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog entry yesterday: I reviewed Burger Burger.

I know why I planned on mentioning Burger Burger—it was the starting point for something else. That something else is the nature of other people. I’d declined sitting at one of the two table that were exposed in the […]

Ten Years On

Ten years ago I was still living in Laramie, Wyoming, and only tentatively sticking my head outside the closet door (Yes CQ; I know what you want to say, but let’s stick with my internal narrative).

In that era I couldn’t imagine myself going out and dancing anywhere-the idea of drinking and dancing was beyond […]

Christmas Time. Or Not.

It just occurred to me that my internal clock consistently confounds me.

I am mostly finished with my Christmas shopping—seriously. I bought presents for my family in South Africa, Armenia, Portugal, and Germany. There are a few more presents to buy—things where freshness counts, but not that much. When I took Lindt Christmas Chocolate to […]

Introversion Sucks

It’s strange—I have a shell and I find it immensely difficult to crack it. Similar to the shyness described recently by the CQ, I too find myself fleeing office birthday parties as soon as I reasonably can—avoiding small talk.

I’ve been aware of my tendencies for a long time, although my current rumination was brought […]

Extroversion Friday Night

It was clear to me, earlier this week, that I had two major options for Friday night.

I could either make my way to Leipzig’s G-Garage where, based on previous experience, I would have a great night of fun, dancing to my hearts content and admiring boys that I will never have. Unfortunately it would […]

ETC Test It — Fun!

Last night I returned to ETC Test-It, the gay club in Erfurt.

I was motivated after having taken a nap in the afternoon to do something to forget my Memme status. Plus it gave me the opportunity to see Katya for the first time in a few weeks-so all was perfect.

Unlike the last time […]