April 2020


Whatchamacallit 1: Amsterdam painting.

This painting of Amsterdam is something I acquired a long time ago.

The date on the painting is 2003, which sounds about right. I know that bought it before I moved to Germany – it was framed by Framemakers in Bloomington, Indiana. I am relieved to know that Framemakers is still in business, apparently […]

A Complicated Relationship With… Hunting. (Barrow, Alaska, part 1)

Generally speaking, I’m a flaming Liberal.

Except when it comes to guns and hunting. And this is where my stances are complicated. Guns are, generally speaking, bad. They deserve heavy regulation. There’s no need for anybody in New York City to carry a gun.

In Barrow, Alaska, where I am now, hunting and guns are […]

I’m in New Orleans

If I had to pick a spot to live in the USA, New Orleans would be near the top of my list, along with Portland, Oregon. New Orleans’ advantages include a dynamic interesting city (equal to Portland) with a diverse culture (different from Portland). The real strength of NOLA comes in its Cajun and Creole […]

Wednesday Wanderings (in four photos)

Wednesday, after work, I wandered through parts of Mitte — coming up with a few photographs.

This is the entrance to the future “U-Unter den Linden” along Friedrichstrasse. The new station will replace U-Französiche Strasse, once the extension of the U5 opens, thus creating an interchange station between the new U5 and the U6.


The week that was.


I really meant to blog sometime this week, but it escaped me – but now that it’s Saturday night, I have time.

Some how I managed to have something important (mostly fun) to do every single day of the week, after 4 o’clock. The icing on the cake was the fact that my […]

Going to Vienna to see nackte Männer (nude men!)

Leopold Museum with a man out front.

A month and a half ago, I thought my travel plans for 2012 were complete: All my trips were taken, save for the one at the end of the year, when I will escape the war zone that is Germany on New Year’s Eve.

Then I heard […]

Cool Berlin Art

Two weeks ago I went to Preview Berlin, an art fair held during Berlin Art Week.

These were two of my favorite — the top is by Patricia Waller, entitled, “Broken Heroes”. The bottom piece is Benedictions, 2012, by Lutz Wagner.


my name was Liam – Our Broken Voice / subtlemob in Berlin

Scene of the performance.

Saturday evening I participated in a 30-minute theatre event in Berlin, where my name was Liam.

“Our Broken Voice” was a project where participants registered and then downloaded a 30-minute mp3 based on their gender and on their birthdate, creating four characters who would then converge on a public space […]

Deliverance: Two Days into a Performance Art Piece in Prenzlauer Berg

See Deliverance on the Web…

This afternoon, after work, I popped over to Prenzlauer Berg in order to see Deliverance, a performance art piece where three artists, living in 30 square meters, depend on the kindness of strangers to survive for 10 days.

When they start, they have nothing except the 30 square meters: […]

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden

Saturday afternoon, after I left the warm embrace of Filter, I headed north to visit my ex-expat friends who used to live in Berlin.

As a guest I try to be easy going and non-demanding, going along with whatever my hosts suggest, and so I found myself at Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden, an absolutely […]