July 2020


Visiting the University of Wyoming

More Trees!

Friday was all about the University of Wyoming and its environs.

Let me be quick and direct: The campus looks more beautiful than it ever did when I was a student here. Additionally significant changes have been made to both the Wyoming Union and to Coe Library, rendering both nearly unrecognizable—and I […]

Today’s Forecast: Cold with Snow plus Homosexuality in Laramie

After spending two nights in Pinedale, I woke up this morning to a weather forecast that was anxiety raising: Cooler with the potential for snow over parts of the state.

I ended up doing the morning ablutions rapidly, before heading out on the road. I stopped in Boulder (Wyoming) to eat breakfast before continuing my […]

Skewed Perspectives: Thüringen & Wyoming

One of the interesting things to me is how perceptions about time, distance, and population have varied so widely in my life.

When I lived in Wyoming, it was reasonable at 11:30 to say to friends, “Hey, let’s have lunch in Cheyenne,” and be on the road 15 minutes, driving 45 minutes for lunch, a […]

Laramie Project, 10 Years Later

Thankfully I didn’t make a decision about my October trip yesterday.

This morning I saw a Tweet by @milkjosh:

Laramie Project: Ten Years Later ~ A film about murdered gay teen Matthew Shepard ~ http://digs.by/A0

After seeing this, I did a bit of research–read an article in The New York Times. The authors of the […]

Another Ten-Year Anniversary

From October 1998 through July 1999, I managed to have all three of the places I’d been lucky enough to call home drug through the mud.

I’ve already talked about the tenth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder—which took Laramie, Wyoming, and made it a buzz word for hate and homophobia.

Today, April 20, was the […]

Matthew Shepard, Ten Years Later

Society and people are transformed by major events.

I identify transformational events by the stories people tell. People tell me when, where, and how they heard the news that something transformational happened and what was different afterwards, even if the changes seem trivial now. These shared experiences help define generations and unite otherwise diverse people.


9 Years

* 1. December 1976 – † 12. October 1998

It’s nearly impossible to eloquently talk each year about Matthew Shepard and what he means to me. 2007 marks the ninth anniversary of Matthew’s death after having been beaten and tortured.

In the last year not only has Iran’s president confirmed that his country is […]

The Branding Iron

Some of my happiest moments at the University of Wyoming were those moments when I was working for The Branding Iron—the student newspaper in Laramie.

Certainly the BI—as it was known—was not a major newspaper. Usually it had between 8 and 12 pages with occasional issues that would weigh you down with 36 pages just […]

Matthew Shepard

Today, October 12, 2004, marks the 6th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder.

As has become habit with me, I want to take a few minutes to reflect on Matthew Shepard and what he meant to me-somebody who was uncannily like me, and yet so unlike me.

I left Laramie, Wyoming, in May 1998, graduating from […]