January 2022



Earlier today, when I didn’t have time, I had a lot to write, but now that I am nearing the end of my day (it’s 9:15 in the evening here), I am too tired to write too much.

Instead I will give a brief summary of random things:

German Class: So far, so good. We […]

I speak German!

– Guten Morgen!

– Wie heißn Sie? Woher komme sie?

– Ich heiß Adam. Ich komme aus den USA.

– Wie ist Ihr Name?

– Mein Name ist Lederer.

– Entschuldigung, wie ist Ihr Name?

– Lederer, Herr Lederer.

German class is going well, as you might be able to tell from the above. Three […]


Well… last night my German class started… and… it’s interesting. I would say more here, but… I am tired and wanting to go to bed… I am still trying to catch up from my long trip which I had plenty of energy during, but, apparently, none now. Figures.

Gay or ….

For two days in a row I have wished I have spoken German-enough, as Mateo would say, to flirt.

Today sitting opposite me on the train, I had a nice, tall, cute guy with spiky black hair and brown eyes. Rather attractive over all, although, I realized a bit later that he was probably still […]

Kein Deutscher

Unfortunately there is not enough interest in German in Weimar — at least for the intensive kind. German course delayed until October 4th starting date.

Me very sad.


Today is a big day- I have managed to accomplish nothing at all-in fact, work wise I feel pathetic, but I did do something important.

I signed up for German lessons.

108,00€ for 30 lessons starting next Monday. 16:45 to 18:15 – it will last through 9 November.

Why Am I Here?

Ok, Germany is a really nice place and the people I’ve met have all been terrific, yet as I walked the streets of Weimar today with Doga, I was dogged with the question, why am I doing this. I know no German, my language acquisition skills are rather poor, and I will be signing contracts […]