March 2021


Amazon /punkt de /dot com

I am not sure what to think of Amazon right now.

Friday I ordered some electronic equipment from the firm—grand total: less than 300€. I paid using a bank transfer, something I’ve never used with them before.

And my Amazon accounts were subsequently frozen for account verification.

On the face of it, account verification is […]

Candace Gingrich

Tonight I headed to campus to see a famous person: Candace Gingrich.

Ms. Gingrich, brother of Newt, was in town to promote supporting the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act (S. 1105). The bill, recently passed by the house, is headed to the Senate and this event was designed to encourage citizen support, in the form […]

All Hail UCLA

Dear Police Chief Ross and Acting Chancellor Abrams:

I am disappointed to learn that you have decided to have an independent investigation of the incident in your Powell Library.

Clearly the Police were correct in demanding immediate obedience from the younger more ignorant and disrespectful generation. The fact that Mr. Tabatabainejad did not immediately leave […]

Thanks for upholding the law!

Principal John Schalk Carmody Middle School 2050 S. Kipling Street Lakewood, CO 80227

Dear Principal Schalk,

As an American living in a foreign country, I felt compelled to write to you after hearing that you have successfully scared that seditious “teacher” Eric Hamlin out of your school.

It is most unfortunate that such a left […]

From the Inbox: Eat Here. Or Else.

Dear Colleagues,

I think everybody knows Ms. Smith, who operates our cafeteria, and has already had lunch there.

We were very lucky to have Ms. Smith operate our cafeteria, because we are a small institute, where an independent small business person cannot earn a lot of money. Ms. Smith knows this. That said, she likes […]


Dear KFC,

I am worried. I just read that six people were killed while dining at a KFC in Pakistan. Four were burned to death and two were in your big refridgerator when (i assume) they entered cold storage directly.

Suddenly, my lunch plans are not sure. I was going to go have some of […]

Letter Writing

Read this one at MT’s site.

Constant Sales

Bank One Corporation 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL 60670

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently visited one of your Bloomington area Bank One branches in order to make a deposit into my employers account. He was unable to complete the transaction himself because he is away on leave in Germany.

At the conclusion […]

Colonial Williamsburg

I was going through old emails, deleting them today, when I found this email. It describes my visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, with my sister this past March.

Before you read: (1) This was for a mostly European audience; (2) I have photos, and I’ll post them in the next couple of weeks. This is […]

Revisiting History, Part 1

As I was looking back at Jesus’ General, I thought about some of the letters I’ve written to public figures in the past few months, and immediately thought of the one I wrote in February to the various FCC Commissioners:

– – –

Dear Commissioner X,

I want to express my dismay at the fact […]