April 2020


Today I am 14,095 days old.

No, it’s not my birthday, but it is an important day for me: My mom was 14,095 days old when she gave birth to me.

Practically speaking, it means that I am, today, exactly half of my Mother’s age.

This weekend I’m in Portugal, specifically Costa da Caparica – a smallish resort city just south […]


Until I moved to Weimar, I can honestly say I never really gave graffiti a second thought beyond “Why do people have to deface public property?”

However, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist and I can remember clear as a day when I once sat next to a staunch conservative Republican in America—she had little tolerance […]

Lisbon, 2005

Merry Christmas

Random Weekend Pictures

Here are some photos from my weekend. I hope you enjoy them, especially you-Anke!


I’m almost blond!

Three afternoons on the beach wearing sunscreen has meant that I’ve avoided getting burned, but my hair is a different story.

I noticed after getting back from the beach this afternoon that it’s noticeably lighter in color—a far lighter brown than I normally see when I look in the mirror. At the rate I’m going […]

Driving to the Beach!

I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon at the beach, and I’m happy to report that my 17,20€ sunscreen worked well: no sunburn to report today.

The beach is about 25 kilometers from my hotel and I am fortunate that my friend here is willing to loan me his car, so it’s just a matter […]

Heads Up, IUMike’s Up!

Just a warning to my regular readers—although I am able to post easily whilst in Lisbon and New York City, I expect my ease of posting to drop considerably while I am in Turkey.

My guest blogger for that period of time will be close friend and all around amazing guy, IUMike, who I met […]

Inside Lisbon

Looking for hot tips about Lisbon?

Look further, ‘cause I can only tell you about the office I was in yesterday—from about 8:30 until 5 or so. I was busy working.

During my off hours, I’ve been busy sleeping. My last few days in Weimar left me exhausted, and I ended up going to bed […]

In Lisbon, Again

For those of you keeping track of me, I’m in Lisbon.

The trip was relatively painless: I’d rented a Mini Cooper for Saturday night, so all I had to do was get up, take a shower, and drive it over to the Leipzig Airport, which it did quite well—I peaked at about 190 on the […]

Email Backlog

After leaving Lisbon, I pretty much stopped checking my work emails.

It’s hard to answer them when your (free, leaching) wifi signal is unstable and you’re not sure your signal will stay connected for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Actually one could be sure: surfing relatively unimportant crap, the signal would last an eternity. Need […]