May 2020


Email Backlog

After leaving Lisbon, I pretty much stopped checking my work emails.

It’s hard to answer them when your (free, leaching) wifi signal is unstable and you’re not sure your signal will stay connected for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Actually one could be sure: surfing relatively unimportant crap, the signal would last an eternity. Need […]


When one thinks of traditional Portuguese culture, one is compelled to think of Fado.

Fado is the Portuguese word for “fate” and it refers to a musical style of love songs that are sung while you are eating your dinner.

In Lisbon there are lots of Fado restaurants, many of them are geared specifically for […]

Hea|d- or |rt- ache

I’m in Paris for one (short) night.

My train arrived at about 1, and my alarm tomorrow morning goes off at 4:30 so that I can grab a quick shower and head to the airport and to Lisbon.

Unfortunately I acquired a major headache on my way to Paris and so instead of making the […]

Evening in Lisbon

I’m departing Lisbon at 07:40 tomorrow morning, heading home by way of Paris/CDG and Frankfurt. I’ll be boarding an A318 tomorrow–a new plane for me. Lisbon is a great city, I wish I could stay longer, but by the end of this week, I will have flown four flight segments, including a transatlantic hop.


In Lisbon

My flight on Thursday arrived on time and, thanks to not checking luggage, I was on the streets of Lisbon less than ten minutes after the door opened at 17:35. Navigating the Lisbon Airport is a lot like navigating Ikea: it’s a maze that forces you to see everything the airport has to offer.

By […]

24 Hours From Now…

Well, in 24 hours, I’ll be in Paris, on my way to Lisbon. Much to my chagrin I just realized that I haven’t packed and, until about three minutes ago, I didn’t even know the address of my hotel (I did know where it was physically located).

It’s been a busy week so far, and […]

Gulbenkian Museums

Sunday, my last day in Lisbon, I got lucky.

Oddly enough, despite having been to Lisbon twice, I have not yet purchased the Lonely Planet Guide to Portugal—so when it comes to leisure activities in Lisbon, I am exceptionally clueless. I have only my friends and my gay guide to the planet to help me.


The 25th of April

Right now I am sitting in my hotel lobby, using the free wifi to download some podcasts and read email. There’s another guy here using the wifi as well, plus two women, one of whom is wearing something that closely resembles the floral pattern of the quilt and drapes in the hotel rooms. In fact, […]

Lisbon on Monday

My first day in Lisbon was deceptively exhausting. After a pleasant lunch and a quiet afternoon, I headed out to wander around the city.

So far my methodology for exploring Lisbon is as follows: Get on Metro, take to a distant station, and then walk back. This time I took the Metro to Sao Sebastiao, […]

Hotel Mystery

I arrived at my hotel in Lisbon without any problems whatsoever—from plane to hotel could not have been much more than 15 minutes, and a few minutes later I had removed my pants and put on a pair of shorts—much more appropriate for the hottest weather I’ve encountered this year: 26°C, or about 80°F.

The […]