May 2022


Thick And Thin

Hopefully I will not regret this post.

In case you haven’t noticed, and there really isn’t a reason for most of you to have noticed, I was attacked this past weekend in response to some criticism I posted about the Gay Men Rule blog.

It’s kind of odd to me: As far as I can […]

Fußball Crazy!

Berliner Dom & Fernsehturm

Originally uploaded by elmada.

Wherever you go in Germany, it’s hard to miss the fact that Germany is hosting the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Yup, it’s football time, and I don’t mean the American kind, I mean that kind Americans call soccer.

The trains are marked with the World […]

Willing Warrior

Warning: This is not meant to be an attack, rather it is constructive criticism, which could (and probably will) be interpreted as an attack by the focus of my critique.

For those of you who carefully pay attention to my sidebar (population: zero), you may have noticed that I’ve added WillingWarrior to my listing, along […]

The Advocate

I hate the Advocate, the “national gay & lesbian newsmagazine” of the United States.

Well, hate isn’t the right word; it is more a sense of profound disappointment and contempt.

It is, to be blunt, shallow, bland, and boring.

Strangely, I feel the same contempt toward the Advocate that I feel toward Time and Newsweek. […]

Bad Journalism…

I believe that NBC Correspondent Michelle Kosinski should be fired for her canoe stunt.

After watching the video, the ability of NBC Today Show’s anchors and Michelle to calmly play off what happened is astounding. There’s a reason that the news media is being taken less seriously by everybody, and contrary to many of the […]

Boring News Fixations

For the small minority of you whole wait breathlessly for my each utterance, let me apologize for my absence yesterday. It was unintentional. I sat down to read a book, decided to take a nap, and then never got around to waking up before it was morning.

Bad me.

Anyhow, this morning, after a lot […]