July 2022


ETC Test It — Fun!

Last night I returned to ETC Test-It, the gay club in Erfurt.

I was motivated after having taken a nap in the afternoon to do something to forget my Memme status. Plus it gave me the opportunity to see Katya for the first time in a few weeks-so all was perfect.

Unlike the last time […]


Why are people I find attractive so intimidating? Today at lunch the only person who I find attractive at the office was sitting at my table and I found it intimidating- face it, I’m already intimidated because of the language thing (and I refuse to say Danke, gleichfalls! just to have one more cache of […]

Gay or ….

For two days in a row I have wished I have spoken German-enough, as Mateo would say, to flirt.

Today sitting opposite me on the train, I had a nice, tall, cute guy with spiky black hair and brown eyes. Rather attractive over all, although, I realized a bit later that he was probably still […]

Darmstadt, Germany

Saturday morning was the first (and only) morning on this trip that I actually slept until my alarm clock went off; I proceeded to shut it off and then doze for another half hour until I forced myself out of bed and into the shower: I had to finish packing a few meager items before […]

Winter Clothes

I’ve probably already said it, but moving 4,500 miles makes you consider what you’re taking with you. Fortunately I have two trips in which to cram as much crap as I want can. The first is next week.

Today I started packing my big suitcase with clothing; specifically winter clothing. I’m starting to make choices. […]