April 2021


I ran out of Internet.

Sorry about my silence over the weekend, but Saturday morning I downloaded two podcasts, enjoyed listening to them, and then Saturday evening found out that I had run into my 3GB surfing wall.

I suppose that on the plus side it took me 6 more days to reach the wall in August than it did […]

An Update on Socializing Adam

No doubt some of you have noticed that I’ve expanded my online presence in the last week to include two new websites: Tumblr and Facebook.

Of the two, I expect Tumblr to be far more interesting and useful. Although I have not yet used it extensively, Tumblr, for me, is a place to stick things […]

I must say that I’m mighty chuffed!

It turns out that I’m in mighty fine company—GoOverseas.com has decided that I am one of Germany’s top ten blogs, presumably all written by expats.

Of the remaining 9 in the top ten, I already know six: the AmiExpat, Planet Germany, This non-American Life, No Apathy Allowed, Snooker in Berlin, and 50% of my DNA. […]

I surf too much…

So I wrote awhile back about my internet solution for my temporary home and how fantastic it is.

Well, I ran into a problem: it has a 3GB per month limit and I hit the limit last week.

I’d been careful for the most part, but there’s a slight problem with iTunes: when I connect […]

LaTeX Rant

This will probably not make sense to a lot of you—but here’s the deal: why does anybody use LaTeX?

[rant /on]

In my line of work I tend to work with two types of documents the vast majority of the time: Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx), and LaTeX.

I will be the first to admit […]

iPhone, I MacBook, but I don’t iPad

Becoming an Apple addict has not been a direct and easy path for me.

My history with Apple products is rough—after Middle School and its Apple computer lab, I didn’t voluntarily touch an Apple product until 2005 or 2006—when I bought myself an iPod.

I really liked my iPod—and the iTunes interface for my music […]

Please excuse my absence.

My apologies for not posting this week. I have plenty of material in my head but my MacBook is sick.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it’s fan was loud. Initially I thought I’d wait until I was some place with an Apple Store to get it checked out. I’d even made tentative […]

On The Road Again.

I’ve kind of sworn off blogging when I’m too busy or too tired to put something coherent together, but this is an exception because I might be awake and coherent tonight, but I’m not sure my Internet will be.

If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter, I’ve been having problems with the phone company—and […]

A Meta-Post

So I’ve sort of hinted at it now and then, and after a great deal of work, usually involving cut-and-pasting, I’ve created the archives section of this website and fixed up a number of things with the main site.

The new TQE | Archives section of the site includes stuff that used to be available […]

Meta Blogging

I realize most of you are probably happy that I haven’t had a “meta” blog entry in awhile.

Alas, it’s time for another one because I’ve done a few things today that might otherwise escape your attention:

Sound Choices: I’ve posted a listing of all the podcasts and vidcasts that I am currently subscribed to […]