May 2020


Whatchamacallit 53: Stimulating Money.

Monday’s mails brought me my $1200 stimulus check.

Fuck you very much.

Nothing I say has not already been said about the insanity that is having an asshole’s name on the check. No: I am not an asshole; nor is Vena S. Robinson.

At the suggestion of a friend, I have already donated $1200 […]

If I had 100,000 US Dollars…

While visiting my Mom, back in October, I visited my favorite Denver coffee shop – the one where the regulars at their group table haven’t changed in over a decade.

Although the regulars were regular, the fact is the coffee shop appears to have lost its edge, and the baristas working in the morning had […]

Seoul Sunday: Bears, Trees, & Dinner

View from my hotel room in Seoul — third floor of the Hotel Manu. I would stay at Hotel Manu again.

My trip from Berlin to Seoul was long – and while none of the travel, in and of itself, was stressful, by the time I got to Seoul Saturday evening, I was completely […]

Berlin’s taxi drivers are awesome.

Last night, on my way back from a Berlinale film, I missed the U2 at Alexanderplatz by 30 seconds.

Faced with a 15-minute wait for the next train, I made the rational decision that I could afford a taxi, and so I went to find one.

I will readily admit that I had not examined […]

Celebrating 10 Euro Years

A week or so ago I got my first 2€ coin that celebrates 10 years of the Euro.

ECB's info on this special coin.

I have to say that I cannot help but wonder if this is, indeed, the moment to be celebrating the Euro.

That said, I do believe this might be […]

I judge people based on their wallets.

It was just the other day when I was standing in a queue, I was behind some woman who pulled out a really skanky baggie with coins and I thought to myself, “can’t she afford a new coin purse?”

And then I realized that my wallet was positively ancient.


A long time ago I […]

I’m rich!

Well, not really rich—but the good news, at least for me, is that my bank account is sufficiently above zero that I feel comfortable.

And I’ve done some shopping already:

DSL/Landline Service: I’ve ordered phone service for home, including DSL that is, in theory, 8 times faster than what I had in Weimar. It should […]

I ran out of Internet.

Sorry about my silence over the weekend, but Saturday morning I downloaded two podcasts, enjoyed listening to them, and then Saturday evening found out that I had run into my 3GB surfing wall.

I suppose that on the plus side it took me 6 more days to reach the wall in August than it did […]

I’m less stressed now.

Some how I am going to survive August – and thanks to a bit of random luck, I’m even going to get bookcases this month!

Over lunch today I sat down with my Ikea shopping list and priced out the items from my “need” list—the light for my dining table and bedside lamp, along with […]

I’m flat out broke for the month, already.

I realize it’s only August 9th, but I’m already out of money for the month because I’ve moved.

Because I had to move twice (first into a temporary apartment and then into my real apartment) I ended up spending a lot more than I previously allotted for moving—neither move, individually was expensive: Think fifth floor […]