May 2020


Kiva Paid Off!

Kiva Loan: My first Kiva loan was paid off! Investing in a liquor store meant that the $25 I invested has been fully paid off. I’ve invested it in someone riskier this time: Anderson Cristaldo, a 21 year old salesman in Paraguay. He’s cute, he’s young, and I was the first person to loan him […]

Cleaning Change

As I was cleaning, both at home and at work, I found a lot of my spare, leftover, change from my travels—a grand total of 44.75€ in total. The dominate source: the States with 17.09€.

I used to go out of my way to get rid of my excess currency as I left the country […]

French, Kissing.

I’m now in Paris for a few days—the first time I have ever spent more than 22 hours in the city.

I took the RER down from CDG to Paris; after exiting the train and going up the stairs I passed a young couple snogging in the station. A closer couple with clothing you could […]

Gimme Me More

One of the pleasures of visiting America is to go shopping whilst taking advantage of prices that are lower than prices in Europe.

One Euro is currently worth US$1.44, which meant that my $70 purchase at Kohl’s will only cost me 48€: for the price of a part of a single pair of pants in […]

Weak Dollar

I’m not an expert when it comes to the currency swings. My friend Jerry has his explanation for the weak US dollar, based in part in technical jargon related to the current subprime housing loan crisis, the ever increasing national debt and the like.

I cannot deny that these are legitimate direct casual links; however […]

International Travel

As most of you are aware, I travel some—and for the last few weeks I haven’t really traveled more than a few miles from where I am sleeping.

Today I made a big trip to a far away foreign land: Bloomington’s Westside.

I was over there because the car I am driving needed an oil […]

First Four: 6401

Dear Ms. Cell Phone Talker

I realize that you were trying to do three things at once in your red car tonight: talk on the cell phone, use the ATM, and try to think.

However because you were foolishly multitasking—and not focusing on any one task—you managed to leave your ATM card in the machine—plus […]


Here in London, much of the news about Beckham going to America focuses on two things: (1) How much money is involved; and (2) How Beckham going to America will transform soccer making it popular in America.

My responses: (1) Good for Beckham’s bank account, bad investment by the owners of the LA Galaxy (is […]

Zwiebelmarkt und Demokratie

Tomorrow is the day of my big Onion Market party—where I am serving delicious Louisiana Gumbo.

Today is the day I make the basics of gumbo—including vegetable stock.

But before I did that, I ran down to the Zwiebelmarkt because I needed to get cash from the ATM and run over to the post office […]

Shat lav!

I am back in Weimar.

My trip from Vanadzor, Armenia, to here was, thankfully uneventful. I splurged on my trip back, spending 14,000 dram instead of 5,000, just so that I could stop by the Museum of Armenian Letters. For most Armenians, this price differential is huge, but since I am rarely in Armenia, splurging […]