September 2021


Sorry about turning into a blog about moving…

Really, I hope to return to blogging about more interesting things than moving in the near future. However, for the moment, it’s kind of what I’m stuck on.

I wasn’t being productive enough at the office today so I decided to strike out a bit early and head home to take care of some chores, […]

I know you want to see pictures of my apartment, but…

I’m happy to report that I had a really successful Saturday with the Handyman.

And I know you want to see pictures of my apartment but it is still a bit of a pigsty and I’m not willing to show it to you yet. Before I show it to you I want to remove all […]

I’m less stressed now.

Some how I am going to survive August – and thanks to a bit of random luck, I’m even going to get bookcases this month!

Over lunch today I sat down with my Ikea shopping list and priced out the items from my “need” list—the light for my dining table and bedside lamp, along with […]

Current Light Fixtures


3 meters above my head.


The hallway is quite dark at night.

Living room

Too bad I don't want the light hanging below this point.

Pictures of the apartment will come along in a week or so, once I have washed and put away all my dishes, removed empty boxes […]

I’m flat out broke for the month, already.

I realize it’s only August 9th, but I’m already out of money for the month because I’ve moved.

Because I had to move twice (first into a temporary apartment and then into my real apartment) I ended up spending a lot more than I previously allotted for moving—neither move, individually was expensive: Think fifth floor […]

Moving On: An Update On What I Want.

I have to say that my decision to not take any of the apartments that I saw in June was a good one: In retrospect the area I was targeting was gay, but not diverse. It wasn’t until I settled into Kreuzberg that I realized that there were better parts of Berlin—places where there were […]

Progress is my middle name.

I have news, of sorts, concerning my apartment search.

I’m going to move soon. I haven’t seen the contract yet and I haven’t paid my deposit yet, but in theory, on Thursday, I will take possession of an apartment here in Berlin.

As I doesn’t want to reveal my specific living location (unless there are […]

Oh how I miss Weimar: I lived on Abraham-Lincoln-Straße!

It’s been just over a week since I left Weimar for the last time as a resident. I’m now registered in Berlin (although I have some more paperwork to complete) and have no immediate plans to return to the city of Goethe and Schiller.

I don’t think I am revealing any shocking secrets here, but […]

Seven and a half hours later…

I left home this morning at 6:30—actually a few minutes before that—and did not return home until just after two.

Along the way I discovered that something I did in one stop in Weimar is done in two stops in Berlin, and must be done in a specific order. It should be obvious by now […]

Rewinding a tiny bit–back to Thursday…

A quick rewind is in order: Thursday the movers came to move me: they promised to arrive between 7 and 8. I got a phone call at 7:04 telling me that they were half a kilometer away.

Pause there for a second: If movers in the US promised to arrive between 7 and 8 (and […]