July 2022


Handy Mobile—the museums I liked.

Dauphin Street, Mobile’s Downtown Street.

Last summer, The Traveling PhD, her husband, and I were debating where we would meet for New Year’s Eve – Given the constraint set, essentially our debate was between New Orleans and Mobile.

Mobile won.

Before this trip, my experience with Mobile was about 15 minutes during spring break […]

Going to Vienna to see nackte Männer (nude men!)

Leopold Museum with a man out front.

A month and a half ago, I thought my travel plans for 2012 were complete: All my trips were taken, save for the one at the end of the year, when I will escape the war zone that is Germany on New Year’s Eve.

Then I heard […]

History Colorado: Colorado has history, but it’s kind of shallow now.

Saturday morning, after having breakfast with one of my oldest friends, we headed over to the brand new History Colorado Center – brand new as it opened only a couple months ago.

The new museum replaces the old facility, which looked like a typewriter and was both one of my favorite buildings in downtown Denver […]

#11FMB – The exhibition

Last night I headed over to see the Berlin Fotomarathon’s exhibition.

Although I could have cheated and looked at the chart indicating where the my photos were displayed, I opted to just wander and be surprised.

It was really excellent seeing all of the creative genius on display. Clearly I am not […]

Two Fab Free Museums in Køpenhaven

Friday ended up being a fairly good day: I saw a lot of cool things, took a long walk, and bought my train ticket to Sweden.

I glanced at the Copenhagen Post, the English language newspaper for Denmark and noticed among its entertainment listings the existence of the Danish War Resistance Museum – and I […]

Oh my! It’s Thursday evening already!

Wow – I haven’t posted since Monday morning and it’s now Thursday evening – and I will barely make it to posting this before my blog thinks it is Friday.

Long story short, I’ve had a great week.

I went to Fargo, North Dakota, in order to see old college friends – who moved to […]

My Religion is sane. That other one is…

Before I get started, let me be painfully clear about a couple of things:

I am an atheist, and like many atheists I’m pretty well informed when it comes to things religious, even more so than the religious. I believe that religion has done far more harm to society than to help it, however I […]

Adam Gothic

I really have no explanation but something’s gone wrong with me this trip and I have not made a speedy change to Chicago Time.

Instead I am stuck on some time zone somewhere between home and here—I would guess Newfoundland, given that I have woken up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before 5—as in 5 am.


What you (we) missed…

This has been an incredibly great trip—productive on the one hand, fun on the other.

Unfortunately it has to come to an end and I am heading back to Weimar today—getting home Monday morning. Home is, of course, a wonderful place and I although I slept in excellent beds at two different Hiltons, there is […]

Overly Technical

The Concorde in "flight position"

So this was the big weekend that Kyiv Katya and I headed to the Technik Museum at Sinsheim and Speyer.

I’m not quite sure how I convinced her to go to both museums over the holiday weekend, but I did. For me the key attraction was the ability to […]