July 2020


Reflections upon Eurovision, the first semifinals

Last night, my American friend and I went out and watched Eurovision, the first semifinal round, at Rausch Gold, where, appropriately, we got a bit tipsy.

I won’t bother explaining exactly what Eurovision is, since I’ve covered the subject before, and because one can read the Wikipedia Eurovision and get the dry basics there, but […]

My Eurovision 2012 Favorites

In no particular order, I present my 10 favorite Eurovision songs. This list is notable for a number of reasons, including the fact that I really like the song for France – no clue what she’s singing about, but the video has lots of decent eye-candy.

Further, I apologize in advance because I’ve included […]

CSD 2011, Berlin, as seen from the Official Lady Gaga Truck

I won’t try to justify it – but instead of watching this year’s Christopher Street Days Parade (the mainstream one) go through Berlin, I bought a ticket and jumped onboard the Official Lady Gaga Truck.

The weather was optimal – it never rained, but it never got excessively hot, so there wasn’t a problem with […]

Eurovision 2011

Saturday night was fabulous – I met up with some work colleagues and friends, had dinner, and headed to a gay bar to watch Eurovision. We were, basically speaking, half of the bar—and responsible for the only three women in the bar – a bar that lacked a women’s restroom, but did have a dark […]

She’s got Nyquil in her eye?!

Can anybody tell me what the first line of Germany’s Eurovision 2011 entry is? It’s sung by Lena, a performer with a rather unusual English accent, and I cannot decide what the line is, even after listening to it more times that I care to admit.

When I listen to it, […]

Sarah Palin: She has the wisdom to walk through an open door.

via Angry Black Lady Chronicles

Maybe I should visit North Dakota.

A Modest Proposal for Eurovision 2011: Picking Germany’s Host City

I realize that I am neither Stefan Raab nor any of the powers that be in the German Television Industry, but I have a modest proposal for Eurovision 2011.

As we all know, Eurovision is a really important event every year. The fact is that it is a cultural phenomenon that is watched by millions […]

I’m not in sync.

I can’t believe it: Germany won Eurovision with what I think is a really bland song (Satellite) sung by a forgettable girl (Lena). I don’t care that she did her hair for me.

Her victory moments on stage were insane—I don’t think she had ever considered the possibility that she might win. She […]

It’s Super Saturday: Eurovision 2010!

Eurovision was one of the first European things I ever latched onto—and I latched onto it not knowing what it was whilst being totally clueless about its history. I just knew that it was something awfully important and awfully fun. It took a few more minutes for me to realize that it was also awful: […]